Holiday Tips: What Not to Do When Hosting a Memorial Day Barbecue

Getting together for a barbecue is a popular pastime. In fact, this Memorial Day, 60 percent of Americans – 156 million people – plan to take part in a BBQ or cookout.


Avoid these BBQ mishaps this holiday weekend.

Nothing quite compares to the joy of grilling, sipping on cold drinks and enjoying the company of friends and family. But sometimes things can go terribly wrong on the patio. To ensure the barbecue isn’t ruined, here are a few things to avoid:

1. Don’t grill in the finest clothes:
Designer shirts make a statement but aren’t perfect for a barbecue. Barbecue sauce and other foods can spill and damage clothes and cooking can get messy.

2. Don’t ignore food safety:
With all the excitement of a barbecue, food safety can take a backburner. Hot foods should stay hot and cold foods should stay cold. Food should be cooked to the proper temperature and kept at a safe temperature before and after cooking. Keep cold foods on ice, as needed.

3. Don’t forget the seasoning:
Memorable barbecues add some spice. Experimenting with different spices and marinades to make a signature dish or perfect combination can be fun.

4. Don’t overcook the cuisine:
A common mistake grillers often make is to leave the food on the grill just a little too long. Unfortunately, the result can be food that’s dry and tough, something that’s less than great on a dinner plate.

5. Don’t leave guests hungry:
Guests show up expecting to eat. Ensuring that there is plenty of food for everyone with considerations for common food restrictions is always a nice touch. Incorporating lots of side dishes like guac., salads, chips can add quality, quantity and color to the buffet.

6. Don’t invite unwanted guests:
Mosquitoes, flies, wasps and other bugs can ruin an outdoor event. Prepping in advance with yard sprays like those from Wondercide can provide protection against pests. Before grilling, Mosquito Yard Spray can be used for the lawn and patio. Insect repellant can also be placed in baskets for guest use as needed.

7. Don’t be the barbecue dictator:
Barbecues where the host takes over the grill and won’t let anyone else touch it can be uncomfortable. Sharing grill time with other adults can be a nice bonding moment and turn cooking into great hangout time and conversations.

8. Don’t forget the drinks:
A barbecue is not complete without some ice-cold drinks to wash down all the delicious food. Start with still and sparkling water and build guest favorites from there. Some guests may not want alcohol and for those that do, staying hydrated is a smart idea.

9. Don’t run out of gas:
Have plenty of propane on hand when gas grills are involved, or if cooking by other means, stocking up on whatever is needed to make sure the grill has the energy to cook is always wise. A good night’s sleep is way for hosts to have the energy to serve guests during this day of entertaining others.

10. Don’t forget to have fun:
At the end of the day, barbecues are about having fun and enjoying the company of friends and family. Getting caught up in trying to make the perfect meal and forgetting to relax and have a good time can make hosting a chore. A fun time can be had by all when both host and guests pitch in to bring food, set up and clean up.

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