‘I didn’t know it would be so nasty,’ Messy exchange with STL alderman candidates caught on video

The race for St. Louis City Ward 14 Alderman is heating up as two candidates are seen going back and forth on video.

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Community member turned politician Ebony Washington is on camera driving up to her opponent and accusing him of ditching his duties at the Missouri Capitol to rack up votes for alderman.

“Don’t you supposed to be in Jeff City right now working?” she said in the video.

“Pulling up next to me, videotaping, yelling, screaming, and just doing very dirty malice things. I don’t think anybody in the new 14th ward wants to see out of their elected official,” said 14th ward candidate and current 78th District Representative Rasheen Aldridge.

“It’s just the accountability, being irresponsible, the behavior that he’s exhibiting. You’re a state rep. Our committeeman but yet you’re absent,” said candidate Ebony Washington. “You were just elected in November to be our state rep. Why are you not state repping?”

In a letter from Minority Floor Leader Crystal Quade, Aldridge was removed from the public safety, corrections, transportation and revenue committees and another state rep was appointed.

However, Quade told News 4 that this is a standard protocol when someone runs for another office and has nothing to do with Aldridge’s work ethic.

“I knew it would be close, but I didn’t know that it would be so nasty,” said Aldridge.

Both candidates agree that crime is the top concern for Ward 14.

Voters will decide who will take office on April 4 during the general election.


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