Kare Mobile Inc. is a dental service organization focused on innovation in a direct-to-consumer oral care delivery model.

Dental care is one of the most neglected areas of preventative health in the U.S., per the CDC. One-fourth of U.S. adults have untreated cavities, and nearly half of all U.S. adults have signs of gum disease. In Georgia alone, only 60% of residents have visited the dentist in the last year. Those who are low-income, a racial/ethnic minority, or who have limited access to care are even more likely to experience poor oral health.

To increase access to critical dental services and improve oral health outcomes of underserved and rural Georgians, Kare Mobile Inc. and Amerigroup Georgia have partnered to provide much-needed access to dental care in areas across Georgia where Amerigroup members often struggle to find a dentist.

“Dental health is key to a person’s overall well-being. We believe that oral health care equity is vitally needed in rural and low-income communities,” said Dr. Arlita Jackson, D.M.D., Dental Director for Georgia, Kare Mobile, Inc. “We are excited about working with Amerigroup to help resolve the issue.”

Amerigroup donated two customized dental vans that Kare Mobile Inc. will use to travel throughout the state. In partnership with local dentists and hygienists, these mobile services will provide preventive and restorative dental care and will promote the lifelong benefits of good periodontal health and care. Additionally, the vans are equipped to perform extractions, crowns, partials, and dentures. Kare Mobile Inc.’s fully functional dental vans will begin to see patients later this year.

“Amerigroup is committed to responding to gaps in the delivery of health care for our members through innovative access to care programs,” said Mel Lindsey, President, of Amerigroup Georgia. “Through our partnership with Kare Mobile Inc., we want to ensure that all our members, regardless of their location or circumstances, can get the dental care they need to ensure positive health outcomes, lower their medical costs and experience an overall higher quality of life.”

To celebrate the launch of this partnership, tours of the two customized dental vans were given during a food distribution event held in mid-February at Amerigroup’s community service center in Atlanta.


Kare Mobile Inc. is a dental service organization focused on innovation in a direct-to-consumer oral care delivery model. Our proprietary technology and systems were designed to eradicate dental deserts and establish a more equitable oral healthcare model for the world. Kare Mobile Inc. delivers high-quality, innovative, and accessible dental services throughout the country. For more information visit https://www.kare.mobi/


Amerigroup Community Care of Georgia helps improve healthcare access and quality for more than 600,000 low-income Georgians by developing innovative care management programs and services. Members are assured care that is not only accessible but also accountable, comprehensive, integrated, and patient-centered. Amerigroup Georgia provides ongoing community relations and outreach to encourage members to become active participants in their health care. Through health education programs, members are empowered to choose and sustain a healthy lifestyle. For more information about Amerigroup Community Care of Georgia, visit www.myamerigroup.com/gaEnid Doggett
Mobile :(202) 246-3982


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