Lighting The Path To Success: Awesome Ambitions Mentors and Empowers Young Women

Discover the inspiring story of Awesome Ambitions, a non-profit organization founded in 1997 to mentor and empower young women from underserved communities.

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For over a quarter of a century, Awesome Ambitions has been a guiding light for young women, offering mentorship and invaluable support to help them build successful futures. Founded in 1997, this non-profit organization has made a significant impact on the lives of 8th through 12th grade girls in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area, thanks to the vision of award-winning journalist Cynthia Newsome of KSHB-TV, and co-founder Angela Curry, a former Kansas City Star columnist.  

The core mission of Awesome Ambitions, is to educate, inspire, and empower young women, primarily from underserved communities, to recognize their value and chart a path toward success in wellness, education, and careers. Throughout its history, the organization has successfully guided thousands of young girls through their formative years, preparing them to become future leaders in their families and communities. Moreover, at the heart of Awesome Ambitions is a dedicated team of volunteers who serve as positive examples and mentors for the girls. These volunteers are passionate about helping the next generation of women leaders set and achieve their goals, and they play a crucial role in the organization’s success.  

Awesome Ambitions stands as a shining place of dignity, respect, honesty, and integrity. It is no wonder that it has garnered strong support from numerous organizations and businesses within the community. The organization’s commitment to excellence, lifelong learning, and a safe, inclusive space for girls and volunteers, regardless of background or circumstance, is a testament to its dedication to making a difference.  Furthermore, as Awesome Ambitions continues to shape awesome futures, it is clear that its legacy will extend far beyond its founders’ dreams.

This organization is not only investing in the lives of young women but also in the brighter, more inclusive future that these girls will help create. Through mentorship and empowerment, Awesome Ambitions is lighting the path for the leaders of tomorrow.


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