Northport Wellness Center Announced as Gold Sponsor of International Metabolic Health Day

This groundbreaking event, steered by Dr. Nasha Winters and MTIH, aims to unite metabolic health leaders globally and catalyze a seismic shift toward a healthier future.

/ — The Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health (MTIH) is excited to announce that the Northport Wellness Center, an institution dedicated to guiding individuals towards realizing that true healing comes from within, as a Gold Sponsor for International Metabolic Health Day on Oct. 10, 2023.

Dr. Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO, co-author of the “Metabolic Approach to Cancer,” and Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health, remarked, “Our partnership with the Northport Wellness Center and founder Dr. Alan P. Sherr amplifies our shared commitment to optimal health and wellness. Dr. Sherr’s integrative approach to care, combining cutting-edge therapies with a fundamental philosophy of intrinsic healing, mirrors MTIH’s mission. We’re honored to collaborate with such an esteemed center for our International Metabolic Health Day.”

The Northport Wellness Center operates with a three-pronged philosophy: Be thorough in understanding specific wellness needs, be thoughtful in creating personalized wellness solutions, and be thankful for the positive changes that emerge in clients’ lives. With Dr. Alan P. Sherr, founder and visionary behind Northport Wellness Center at the helm, the Center champions the philosophy that promoting and maintaining health surpasses merely treating diseases.

“At the Northport Wellness Center, we’re driven by a mission both local and global,” Dr. Sherr said. “Locally, we aim to direct people towards the understanding that true health stems from within. On a global scale, our ambition is to lead wellness education across sectors, aiming for positive health changes worldwide. Joining hands with MTIH for the International Metabolic Health Day is a significant step towards that global mission.”

The need for awareness and innovative solutions in metabolic health globally is crucial, given that only 6.8% of American adults are in optimal metabolic health, and noncommunicable diseases, closely tied to metabolic dysfunction, account for 74% of all global deaths, according to the World Health Organization. International Metabolic Health Day is a pivotal platform aimed at mobilizing global support, fostering innovative research, and championing preventive healthcare strategies.

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