On the ballot: Incumbent official Wiley Price IV is seeking re-election as State Rep in August

One key issue that Wiley Price holds dear to his heart is the issue of homelessness.

The Primary is heating up as there is a little over one week left before the people head out to the polls. The candidates are heavy off into their campaigns as they address issues that plague the community. Wiley Price the IV is running up against Del Taylor for State Rep in the Missouri Primary Election on August 2nd.

One key issue that Wiley Price holds dear to his heart is the issue of homelessness. This has been a continuous concern that has been ongoing for many years. In a recent statement, Wiley Price said ” Gov Parson signed a bill making it illegal for those experiencing homelessness to sleep on state-owned property making it a class C misdemeanor if charged.

The law prevents some federal and state funds from being used to construct affordable housing, instead redirecting that money towards constructing temporary camps that provide substance abuse and mental health treatment

Price goes on to say “We have what I’d consider “lazy legislation”. That’s when legislators go on conservative sites like ALEC or Cicero and take template legislation, copy and paste inflammatory, base baiting bills to make it look like they have a win. All the problems in the state of Missouri and this is what we pass to suggest we’re addressing concerns of the general public. It’s not.”

Wiley is adamant about stopping gun violence in the community and is continuously wanting to implement legislation to rectify this problem. Wiley Price, just like his opponent in the Primary, has expressed the need for infrastructure.

Wiley stated “Working with Labor unions to ensure a solid infrastructure for the city and state is vital to the development of our communities. It’s always an honor to be endorsed by some of the hardest working men and women in the State.”

Wiley Price believes that he will defeat his opponent and get re-elected because he speaks for the people. He knows this to be true because in preparation for re-election he has received many endorsements including one from the Missouri State Council of Firefighters!

In closing, Wiley Price states that he will fight for our community because he knows our community.

Make sure you go out and vote on August 2nd.


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