Meet Love The Lou

Founded in 2009, LOVEtheLOU is helping to restore St. Louis through transformative actions. Through STL | LIFT, STL | LINK, and STL | LIVE, LOVEtheLOU is providing youth mentoring, job placement, and affordable housing in North St. Louis.

About Us

LOVEtheLOU was developed out of a love for the City of St. Louis.  We have gone through a number of phases, since we began in 2009.  During the constant process of growth and development, we have always been driven to see our city restored through transforming actions.  We are proud of what has happened in our city through LOVEtheLOU, and we are excited about what will continue to happen as we grow and develop.


Founded in 2015, STL | LIFT is a youth mentoring program that is offered by LOVEtheLOU.  This program offers work for our teens throughout the year.  We also build community through empowered experiences, small groups, leadership tracks, and one on one mentoring. 


Beginning in 2018, STL LINK is literally “LINKING” North City neighbors to outside jobs. This program is designed to lead our apprentices into a flourishing lifestyle through these career pathways.


Homelessness is a major issue that our city faces.  Find out more about how LOVEtheLOU is providing affordable housing in an area that needs it so badly.


Make a Difference Today

You don’t have to move to North St. Louis to make a difference!  However, there are three key areas of need that we rely on from amazing people like yourself in order to LOVEtheLOU.

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