Opinion Politics: This July 4th, our country is in a period of crisis

US Congresswoman, Cori Bush takes to social media to extend her views and voice on the July 4th holiday.

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The Declaration of Independence says that “all men are created equal,” referring only to wealthy white men. When the U.S. Constitution was drafted a decade later, women, Black and brown folks, and all marginalized groups were intentionally written out.

This July 4th, and the upcoming 100th anniversary of the ERA being introduced, these exclusions are increasingly obvious, and our country is in crisis.

Anti-freedom Republicans have made it their mission to interfere in our own decisions about our bodies, from abortions to gender-affirming care. Last year, the far-right Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and just last week, they ruled against Affirmative Action.

So I’m pushing for the Equal Rights Amendment to enshrine gender equality into our legal bedrock: the U.S. Constitution. As the 28th Amendment to our Constitution, it would advance pay equity, address sexual harassment and violence, protect reproductive autonomy, and prohibit discrimination against LGBTQ+ and pregnant people — all critical rights for every woman, and especially important for Black and brown women.

This July 4th, please add your name to call for a country that lives up to its proclamation of freedom, by recognizing the Equal Rights Amendment as the 28th Amendment to the Constitution.ADD YOUR NAME

As a Black woman who has experienced domestic violence, sexual harassment in the workplace, unequal pay, and blatant gender discrimination, I know the impact constitutional equality will have on me and millions of women and queer people across this country.

Once the ERA is enshrined in our Constitution, it will be an important tool for policymakers and the courts to challenge homophobic, transphobic, and anti-abortion legislation.

A constitutional amendment is more powerful than legislation. Only another constitutional amendment could revoke it, not a future President or whoever controls Congress or the Supreme Court.

And our movement has already met the requirements outlined in Article V of the Constitution to make the ERA the 28th Amendment. The ERA was passed by 2/3rds of Congress and it has now been ratified by 38 states. We only need a few more steps to make it official!

So this year, my sister-in-service Ayanna Pressley and I launched the first-ever Congressional Caucus for the Equal Rights Amendment.

We’re building the movement in Congress to recognize the 28th Amendment and to center the people who stand to benefit the most from gender equality, including Black and brown women, LGBTQ+ people, people seeking abortion care, and other marginalized groups.

Please sign the petition this July 4th to affirm our freedom over our own bodies and support the Equal Rights Amendment as part of our Constitution.

Thank you. Together, we will build the future we deserve.

With love,


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