Reginald Clemons: A Story of Rehabilitating Redemption

Follow one man’s journey from hitting rock bottom to finding redemption and a new purpose in life.

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More Prisoner’s Prose by Reginald Clemons, as we often share stories from behind the bars.

 I have a painful horrific story from rock bottom to shining glory, in a journey that I would like to share with you, if I may. I have been beaten about the head, battered and bruised by people I once trusted.

I have been stabbed in the back by enemies that I mistook for friends and choked to near death, before being left for dead. When I was nearly executed on the 17th day of June 2009, God, nature, or the divine order of the universe, sent a bird to sit with me all that day, on the 5th day of June 2009.

From that day forward, I was resurrected and elevated into my unselfish true self. You might be familiar with the case known as the Chain of Rocks Bridge Case.

Where a lot of people were upset disappointed and rightfully felt betrayed by my guilty plea, in exchange for a parole eligible life sentence and opportunity to apologize to the victims family. That was not the most powerful, pivotal step in my pathway towards redemption as I continued to be initiated by life.

At the threshold of taking accountability for all my wrong doings, I found my greatest push in a rehab program. Where I had to admit all my wrongdoings and see my part, in situations where I believed I was wronged.

I had to learn how to honor the divinity of my creation, while rising out of the shame and denigration. To understand what kind of marbles I lost that were rattling around in my head,

I’d learned to dig into my past patterns and emotional connections, live with them and let go. Washed with furious tears of sorrowful regret and forgiveness, I peeled back the Band-Aids off my soul and let my pains and shame drift away as my contributor on the desert winds.

To cleanse myself with fasting and praying, I have found one of my many purposes as I fight to have prayer protected, for faith to have safe passage in these prison walls. As part of a law suit Clemons, et al. vs Anne Precythe, et al., Case No. 4:22-cv-00158. I am putting my best foot forward, while being an uninitiated seeker of truth, of love and self respecting humanity, from deep in this wilderness, I plead to the winds for reception, a second chance to make good. Take make parole in June of 2024, I will continue to share more. Peace.


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