St. Louis City S.C., make an impeccable debut at their new palace downtown

The St. Louis sports fanatics showed up and showed out as their inaugural team St. Louis City S.C., wins their first home game ever.

The Argus St.Louis put in for media considerations last year, and after months of interactions.There I was, in the press box representing my organization, as an editor yet a excited reporter.

Sure, you had hundreds of reporters, seasoned if you will, on hand to tell the historic story.But I was a seasoned St.Louis native, there to be part of a paramount history in the making.

St.Louis City S.C., is the only MLS team majority owned by females, the head hunchos of St.Louis’ based Enterprise.The Taylors, were on hand to hype up the crowd as well as welcome fans to their new billion dollar soccer palace.i

I took the mass transit to the game, because there is a bus that comes to my door and lets me out across from the stadium.There was no way I was driving into the madness.

I also got the opportunity to admire the sculptures outside, that represented the same spot that was once a historic black neighborhood of Mill Creek.The highlight of my tour was watching local singer Jordan Holmes belt out the National Anthem, in front of a very grateful audience.

In the press room, MLS Commissioner Don Garber, took questions from reporters, as he expressed his excitement with St. Louis, and their new team and stadium.

A restaurant cook at the stadium named Dee, said “I am excited to be working here, though it has been a long day. It is cool to have this stadium inclusive to everyone, and providing good jobs.”

Dee even stated that as a black man, where jobs are limited, St.Louis City S.C., will keep them busy through out the season with daily meetings, events and conferences that will be held daily.

The historic first goal:

At 40:15, St.Louis City S.C., scored their historic first goal, and tied the game at 1.Just minutes after the visitors Charlotte S.C., scored the first goal of the evening. At 45:00, St. Louis City S.C., took the lead 2-1, and the crowd went delirious.

The final score, St.Louis S.C., went on to win 3-1.

All images courtesy of Argus STL


Featured image: Fox 2 News


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