Opinion: Team Cori – U.S. Representative Bush has truly been a savior for St. Louis, but her Opponents Said NO!

We just learned outside groups have begun polling to see what messaging they can use in the baseless attack ads they’re going to use against Cori over this next year.

U.S. Representative, Cori Bush/NBC News

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So while her opponents were polling to see how to spend their millions of dollars, you know what Cori has been up to: delivering for the people of St. LouisOver this past year alone, Cori’s managed to bring in $27.4 million in community project funding for St. Louis. This money goes straight to the community and helps groups working on education, housing, supporting working families, and better jobs for people in the district.

Here are just a few of the the organizations who’ve gotten $27.4 million in funding thanks to Cori’s work on the hill:

  • Power4STL – to provide healing resources to communities previously subjected to unprecedented loss of life due to opioid overdose and violence, with death disproportionately impacting the lives of the Black community.
  • Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri – to address critical issues that students face at each stage of their social and emotional development and help them navigate them calmly and constructively.
  • UAW Labor Employment and Training Corporation – to provide basic and advanced automotive technology training to unemployed, underemployed, and incumbent workers (an estimated direct annual economic impact is $4.20 million to the region).
  • Boys and Girls Club of Greater St. Louis – to expand after- school, weekend and summer programs for youth ages 5-18.
  • The Dunbar Gardens project – to help facilitate the renovation of an apartment complex aimed at providing affordable housing for senior citizens and the underserved.

So while Cori’s opponents put their time and money towards endless polls and attack ads, Cori’s putting her time and energy towards the people of St. Louis, because that’s what they elected her to do.

Can you donate $20 or whatever you can afford so that we can overcome our opponents’ cynical tactics and re-elect Cori so she can continue to deliver for the people of her district and this country?


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