The Importance of Airspeed Alive: Tackling the Shortage of Minority Pilots with Founder Kaley J. Martin

Learn how Airspeed Alive, founded by Kaley J. Martin, is making a significant impact in the aviation industry by creating an outreach pipeline to support minority pilots.


In a world that relies heavily on aviation for transportation and logistics, the need for a diverse pool of pilots has never been more critical. Airspeed Alive, founded by Kaley J. Martin, has emerged as a person with a mission to tackle the shortage of minority pilots by creating an outreach pipeline that identifies, qualifies, and supports candidates looking to pursue careers in the aviation and aerospace community.  

The shortage of minority pilots has had far-reaching consequences, affecting industries dependent on air travel, causing flight cancellations, supply disruptions, and a less enjoyable travel experience for all. Airspeed Alive is determined to bridge this gap and pave the way for aspiring pilots and aerospace professionals.  

One of their initiatives, the Aviation Day Camp, organized in collaboration with The Young Eagles Program. This camp offers children between the ages of 9 and 17 the extraordinary opportunity to experience flight firsthand. Participants are taken on free flights in 2- or 4-passenger planes, spending 15 to 20 minutes in the air and learning the basics of a flight pattern. The awe-inspiring experience leaves a powerful impactful mark on these young minds. Illinois State Senator Christopher Belt graced the day camp with his presence, immersing himself in the atmosphere and offering his wholehearted support to the organization.

 Kaley J. Martin, the visionary behind Airspeed Alive, is no stranger to fulfilling dreams. Raised in East Saint Louis, Illinois, he served in the Marine Corps, specialized in electronic communications, earned a BS in MIS, an MBA from Webster University, and became a recognized global cybersecurity expert. 

Despite his successful career, Kaley is also a recreational pilot, making his childhood dream a reality. His commitment to empowering the next generation of aviators reflects his dedication not only to aviation but also to his community, as a proud member of KAPPA ALPHA PSI FRATERNITY INC and the NAACP.  Airspeed Alive’s vision is clear: to provide candidates with the support they need to achieve their dreams in the aviation and aerospace community. 

Through their outreach programs and Kaley J. Martin’s leadership, they are driving change and creating diversity in an industry where representation truly matters. To learn more about Airspeed Alive and their initiatives, visit their website at

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