XFL Finest: St. Louis loves their golden Battlehawks, and a salute to co-owner Dany Garcia, with her three impressive ventures

Sure we are very biased, but St. Louis loves their Battlehawks, and why not? With a prolific co-owner like Dany Garcia, there is a reason to be golden.

Image is courtesy of Dany Garcia

Dany Garcia is making quite a name for herself. As a graduate of the University of Miami (with a Bachelor of Business Administration), Garcia has the business smarts and acumen to get things done. And her resume truly speaks for itself. Here are three impressive business ventures of Dany Garcia.


1.) She is a Chairwoman and Owner of the XFL

The XFL is a football league whose season is ongoing. It was a league in 2001 but it was short-lived. Then, the league made a comeback in 2020 but suspended its season as the COVID-19 pandemic impacted other leagues such as the NBA, MLB, the NCAA and so on. The league filed for bankruptcy and later that year, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (Garcia’s ex husband and now business partner) and Garcia were a part of a group that bought the XFL, and now, the league is up and running. And with the move, Garcia is the first woman to own an equal or majority ownership stake in a major professional sports league in the United States. The XFL is doing well in its 2023 season and Garcia is a big reason for that. (And salute to the attendance Kings, The Battlehawks, with an average of 37,000 for two home games with three games left at The Dome, starting Saturday at noon.)

2.) She is the Co-Founder of Seven Bucks Productions

On top of owning the XFL together, Johnson and Garcia have a production company. Seven Bucks Productions was established in 2012, and references the amount of money that Johnson said he had in his pocket after being released from the Canadian Football League and before his WWF (now WWE) career.

Seven Bucks Productions has roughly 13 movies and 14 television shows under their belt. This includes movies like Baywatch, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (which grossed over $960 million), Shazam, Black Adam, Hobbs and Shaw (which grossed over $700 million) and more. And there are several other movies in the works. Seven Bucks Productions has been responsible for some blockbuster films, and is yet another accolade of Garcia.

3.) She is the Founder of GSTQ

Garcia is the founder of GSTQ, which is a clothing line that she created after failing to find clothes that suited her athletic physique and entrepreneurial lifestyle. It is also a brand that she called the oldest brand idea she’s held onto. The name comes from the phrase “God Save the Queen,” which Garcia saw when she was 16. She played French horn in high school, and she noticed the phrase on the sheet music of the British royal anthem. That phrase stuck with her and she wanted to incorporate it


Quote from Twitter:

Having 800+ members of the @XFL2023 ecosystem, including all our players from our 8 teams at our All-Player Town Hall was a personally moving moment for me that solidified the tangible intersection between dreams and opportunities that this league represents. #Chairwoman

“I decided to adopt that phrase myself and look at myself as the queen, and know at least I had God rooting for me. I would write GSTQ on all my books.” Garcia once said.

The brand is one of many companies under Garcia’s TGC company (a portfolio of businesses that include the XFL, Seven Bucks, Acorns and more) and it is doing well. Garcia has a lot of accolades and as these companies continue to grow, she will accomplish even greater things.

This story was intended for Women’s History Month, but was sent late.


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