Young Biz Kidz is launching today’s Youth Adroitly on becoming Powerful Entrepreneurs

Non-profit Young Biz Kidz, has a remarkable innovative approach to helping our youths realize their full potentials through entrepreneurship.

Arriel Biggs

Mentor, child advocate, parent advisor, public speaker, and entrepreneur Arriel Biggs, is putting St. Louis on the map. The St. Louis native has been innovative with her non-profit organization Young Biz Kidz. When asked about this monumental organization, Arriel states “We empower youth through literacy but we teach it through entrepreneurship. I take a child’s idea and help them make money from it. I strongly believe this is a great way for kids to develop a mindset of what it means to grow and flourish in a business.”

And Arriel is not stopping there, she is also a momager Business Coach. Arriel stated “A momager is a person that manages their child’s brand or whatever they have going on. I teach moms how to negotiate on their kid’s behalf so they are not left out of the fold. They are learning new skill sets as a mom such as learning how to read contracts and project management.”

Arriel Biggs

Young Biz Kidz is rapidly growing with organizations in 7 states. The anticipated annual YBK Day will be held on July 15, 2023, at Harris Stowe University.  “On that day, we celebrate all young entrepreneurs all over the United States. The goal is to get 75 young entrepreneurs in one location and to have the community come out and support them and buy from them. Sometimes it’s not about the product that they are selling, but about the support that they see from you so that it can spark something within them to let them know they are headed in the right direction.”

YBK Day will be  July 15, 2023

From 11 am- 2 pm

At Harris Stowe State College

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