132 Years of Unity and Community: The Story of Harmony Grand Chapter

Learn about the inspiring story of Harmony Grand Chapter, a nonprofit organization in St. Louis, Missouri, that has been fostering unity and serving their community for 132 years.

Harmony Grand Chapter 

For 132 years, the Harmony Grand Chapter has been full of hope and unity in the Missouri Jurisdiction. Under the leadership of Grand Worthy Matron Barbara A. Lattimore, this nonprofit organization has embraced the motto, “We do not ‘Compete’ with one another; We ‘Complete’ one another.” Through their commitment to community and fraternity, they have left a valuable mark on the St. Louis, Missouri community.  The organization’s primary mission is to foster fraternal and community relationships that encourage growth and improvement. The Corinthian #9 Chapter, a cornerstone of Harmony Grand Chapter, has been at the forefront of these efforts since its formation in 1887.  

Every Thanksgiving, the members of Corinthian #9 Chapter come together to feed the hungry during the “Feed the Community” event, demonstrating their dedication to addressing local needs. They’ve also extended their support to Gateway Michael School, a place that provides specialized education for students with cognitive, speech/language, vision, and motor skill deficits. The chapter’s involvement includes distributing Halloween boxes to eager students and contributing to the fight against cancer, recognizing the disproportionate impact on African American communities.  One of their most heartening initiatives is their participation in “Girls in the Know,” a program that empowers young girls to build self-esteem and a positive body image. Such efforts resonate deeply with the organization’s values of unity and community development.  

Furthermore, the Grand Youth Black Light Bingo event, that the Corinthian #9 participates in, not only offers entertainment but also raises funds to support the youth department’s travel expenses. During the festive season, they adopt several families, ensuring that they receive household items they desire for Christmas.  The dedication and passion of the members are truly exemplified by Worthy Matron Karla Dumas, who expressed, “Corinthian #9 is important to me because I get a chance to serve my community and give back where it’s needed.”  

In conclusion, Harmony Grand Chapter, led by Grand Worthy Matron Barbara A. Lattimore, has demonstrated a commitment to their motto of completing rather than competing with one another. With their rich history and a deep-seated sense of community, they continue to make a significant impact on the St. Louis, Missouri community, proving that unity and service can bring about lasting change.For More info Click The website Harmony Grand Chapter


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