Event Note: Better Family Life Presents Job Resource Fair

BGP & Better Family Life wants you to come and find the right job path that suits your svchedule.

Felon Friendly Employers

Better Family Life

5415 Page Boulevard Saint Louis, Missouri 63112

Contact: Precious Jones, 469-356-9911

Breaking Generational Poverty

BGP’s mission is to provide resources and programs needed in high-poverty areas. These means include mentorship for troubled community members, methods to decrease homicide, aide for  single-parent homes, suicide prevention, addressing cyber-bullying, gang prevention, and methods to handle gang retaliation.  We will also promote educational resources for scholarships and accept donations to otherwise assist in the cause.  

Our community has suffered for years due to a lack of resources and training programs. BGP is taking the initiative to get our community back. NO MORE WEEPING FAMILIES! NO MORE GUN VIOLENCE!!!


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