Every Child’s Hope Children’s Home facility manager speaks out on daily tasks

Aaron was on hand at In Da Loop Restaurant, to collect the toys as our recipient of the cause.

Every Child’s Hope (ECH) was founded in 1858 as an orphanage for immigrant children who lost their parents in cholera outbreaks. On day 2 of our joint collaboration with In Da Loop and Stress Free Friday’s Toy Drive from Sunday. I’d finally got the chance to meet the facility manager Aaron Jackson.

Aaron was on hand at In Da Loop Restaurant, to collect the toys as our recipient of the cause. Last night was Focus on Funny Comedy Show, in which they were also collecting toiletries for the home.

So, it was the Argus opportunity to chat with the head man at the non-profit. A place that has been helping children build a better life relationship for many years.

How are you?

Aaron: I’m doing well

Tell me about your place of business?

Aaron: It’s a pretty fast pace place with the kids we get in our program. And the behaviors we have to deal with from the children in a residential facility

What do you do at the home? How long have you been with the company?

Aaron: At home, I’m a father and a voice over artist. And when I’m at ECH, I am responsible for hiring new staff members, making sure the units are up to par. As well as making sure the kids are safe, training, disciplining, growing the company, and an array of task and duties

How many children do you all have living there?

Aaron: Currently, there are 16 kids from the age of 10 to 17 years of age

Do the family members come to see the children? (The ones who are not orphaned)

Aaron: Yes family members can see their kids depending on their situation with their child. For example we wouldn’t allow a parent that sexual abused their kid to have access to them.

Is this a non-profit organization?

Aaron: Yes, non for profit

Does working at a group setting get very emotional at times?

Aaron: Yes, it can get very emotional for the kids. Because, they want to go home or be with their family members. And they can’t, which in time makes it a hostile environment for the other kids.

How long have you been with Every Child’s Hope?

Aaron: I just started for the company about 4 months ago and this will be the first donation we have received since I have been here.

What are your biggest challenges?

Aaron: The biggest challenges I would say we have is having enough staff to work, kids maybe upset because they don’t have their parents in their lives, not getting what they want when they want it, typical teenage boys behavior I would say that live together under one roof.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to doing more collabs to assist the home soon.


At ECH, only 55 percent of our cost to operate our programs is reimbursed by state funds. That is why we need your help. Your financial support can change the life of a child and that child’s family.

Your support allows us to continue to offer quality programs and innovative ways of working with children. It allows us to begin new programs that keep ECH on the cutting edge of working with troubled children and their families. ECH is a 501c3, not-for-profit organization. Your donation is tax-deductible.



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