Julius B. Anthony: A Resounding Advocate for Early Literacy

Julius B. Anthony is the Founder and President of St. Louis Black Authors of Children’s Literature and a resounding advocate for early literacy and its impact on a child’s development.

Julius B. Anthony, the visionary Founder and President of St. Louis Black Authors of Children’s Literature, is a resounding advocate for early literacy and its profound impact on a child’s development. While recognizing the pivotal role of the formative years in shaping a strong foundation for future learning, Anthony emphasizes the critical importance of early literacy in the journey of every child.  Moreover, Anthony eloquently underscores the significance of early literacy, highlighting how the socialization of literacy skills from infancy through third grade sets the stage for a lifelong relationship with reading and learning.

In addition, he emphasizes that the journey from kindergarten to third grade is pivotal, requiring deliberate efforts to prepare children for the world of reading. 

This process involves explicit literacy instruction, encompassing essential elements such as phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency.  At the heart of Anthony’s mission lies “The Believe Project,” a program that epitomizes his commitment to fostering a love for reading among young learners. By establishing reading rooms within local schools and community centers, he and his organization provide access to culturally relevant books, totaling one to two thousand per site. 

This initiative, referred to as “The Intimacy of Literacy,” seeks to immerse black children in a culturally responsive literacy environment.  The driving force behind Anthony’s approach is to instill three core elements in these young minds: interest, confidence, and joy in the journey of learning to read. Anthony aims to empower children to not only embrace reading, but to also see it as a source of personal growth and fulfillment, by combining culturally relevant content with a nurturing environment.

Julius B. Anthony’s steadfast dedication to early literacy and his innovative program, “The Believe Project,” stand as a great hope and empowerment for young learners. Through his unwavering commitment, he fosters a generation of confident readers equipped with the tools to navigate a world of knowledge and imagination.

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