Dr Frederick Echols Selected To Represent Missouri In Obama Foundation Leadership Program

Dr. Frederick Echols, an advocate for social justice and community empowerment, has been selected to represent Maryland in the prestigious Obama Foundation Leaders USA Program.


Dr. Fredrick Echols, a distinguished advocate for social justice and community empowerment, has been selected as a participant in the prestigious Obama Foundation Leaders USA Program. This six-month leadership development initiative aims to foster positive and enduring transformation within communities, with a specific emphasis on fortifying various institutions to cultivate a more inclusive and participatory democratic society.  

Just recently, Dr. Echols departed from his role at Cure Violence Global, embarked on a new chapter by establishing Population Health and Social Justice Consulting, LLC. Through this endeavor, he champions evidence-informed public health strategies to address the deep-seated political and societal factors underpinning inequities. This innovative approach reflects his dedication to effecting systemic change and advancing the welfare of marginalized populations.  

The Obama Foundation Leaders USA Program serves as a vital conduit for leaders across the nation, enabling them to unite in the pursuit of a more robust democratic landscape. Dr. Echols’ inclusion in this program exemplifies his commitment to collaborative efforts aimed at driving substantive progress. He affirms that a multitude of individuals, each contributing diverse perspectives, are tirelessly working together to engineer meaningful shifts within society.  Dr. Echols’ selection for this esteemed program is a testament to his unwavering dedication to social justice, community well-being, and participatory democracy. 

His background in advocating for evidence-based strategies to combat inequities aligns perfectly with the program’s mission to usher in enduring change. As he engages with fellow leaders and collaborates on innovative solutions, it is clear that Dr. Echols will continue to be a driving force in the ongoing journey toward a fairer and more inclusive America.

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