Kathy Conley Jones: Trailblazer in the Insurance Industry

Kathy Conley Jones, talks about the Insurance Industry, and the upcoming Inaugural-Annual Scholarship Golf Event.

Kathy Conley-Jones

Kathy Conley Jones, the Immediate Past President of the National African American Insurance Association (NAAIA), is a trailblazer in the insurance industry. NAAIA was established with the aim of creating a network for people of color and others working in or affiliated with the insurance industry. With 21 chapters across the nation, the association boasts members representing every sector of the industry.  

When asked about her motivation for being a part of NAAIA, Kathy emphasized the debt that those in the insurance and financial services industry owe to the next generation. She acknowledged the sacrifices made by those who came before them, fighting for civil rights and paving the way for their advancement. In Kathy’s view, it is incumbent upon them to help others excel and succeed.  

Kathy also recognized the need to embrace financial empowerment and literacy in our communities. She highlighted the financial illiteracy prevalent in America, particularly in the African American community. As consumers, it is crucial for individuals to learn about saving, investing, and growing their wealth from a young age. This aspect is a critical part of what NAAIA offers through its initiatives. In an effort to introduce high schoolers to the industry, NAAIA is organizing its inaugural Annual Scholarship Golf Event on August 10th at Top Golf. The event aims to raise funds for graduating high school seniors in the St. Louis Metropolitan area and surrounding counties in Missouri.  

Looking ahead to her legacy, Kathy aspires to be remembered as a woman of integrity and her word. She prides herself on running her business and personal life with honesty and transparency. In comparing herself to Harriet Tubman, a prominent figure in the abolitionist movement, Kathy draws parallels to her own role in the financial services industry. Just as Tubman guided slaves to freedom, Kathy sees herself as a guiding force, leading individuals towards financial freedom and empowerment.  

Through her work at NAAIA and her dedication to promoting financial literacy, Kathy Conley Jones leaves a lasting impact on the insurance industry and the communities she serves. Her commitment to the next generation and her efforts to uplift others exemplify her role as a leader and advocate.

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