Office Note: The Heartland St. Louis Black Chambers of Commerce shakes up the front office for the Fall

A look at the new Facility Manager, for The St. Louis Black Chambers of Commerce.

Image by The Argus

The Argus Community Foundation, is a part of The Argus St. Louis Newspaper online, print and electronic media. And we are also members of The Heartland St. Louis Black Chambers of Commerce.

Affectionately, we have had the pleasure of meeting great people, including the former Executive director Porsche Anderson, who has now left the office. Although she is still a vital member of the club, there is still a need for a formidable leader, to run the everyday operations at the office.

The Heartland St. Louis Black Chambers of Commerce, is located inside the security building that belongs to The St. Louis Urban League. And there is so much going on within the facility, so it was imperative that the Chambers’ President Marvin Steele appointed a new office leader.

Entrepreneur Audrey Taylor will be the new Facility Manager, in addition to her duties as the administrative assistant, she will handle more aspects of the club. She will assure that the building is secured, run the P.R., and maintain tenants relations, with the club members, who are leasing office space, physically, virtually, and booking the conference area.

She stated to the media, that she wants the Chambers to grow even more. Because the need for resources and marketing is valuable for the success of her tenants, and business members.

Moreover, Audrey, also wants more Workshops, Lunch and Run events, as well as more presence at the Podcast Studio. Conveniently, Audrey is also a business student, and notary public, which is a tool that is needed in businesses transactions.

Furtherly, she is working on her non-profit idea, providing transitional housing for the underserved woman. With her main initiative, is to get them back into society, by helping them gain employment, educational opportunities and self-confidence.

The St. Louis Black Chambers of Commerce

929 N. Spring Ave. Suite B

St. Louis, MO 63108

Phone(314) 282-5592


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