Radio Alert: Classic 107.3 Announces New Episode, “Brazil,” in the Musical Ancestries™

Teachers and parents alike express great enthusiasm for ‘Musical Ancestries’ programming.

Classic 107.3

Series for Children

ST. LOUIS – Classic 107.3, “The Voice for the Arts in St. Louis,” announced today the upcoming premiere of a new episode in its series for school-aged children called Musical Ancestries™. The new episode explores the music, instruments, dance, history, and rich cultural traditions of Brazil. Musical Ancestries is designed to create a pathway to understanding as children explore the great diversity of our community.

Musical Ancestries is an important educational program that actively engages children, parents, and teachers,” says Julie Schuster, Classic 107.3 CEO and General Manager.  “Listeners and viewers will experience the vibrant music and many colors of Brazilian life at its fullest.”

The new episode, “Brazil,” debuts at 10 a.m. November 12th, following “Classics 4 Kids,” the station’s weekly show that introduces children to great works of classical music. The episode airs again at 7:00 p.m. November 13, and 2:00 p.m. November 16.

In addition to the three radio broadcasts, teachers, students, and families can delve deeper and engage through the educational resources on Classic 107.3’s website. A user-friendly Prezi program incorporates visual images, maps, audio and video clips, as well as hands-on activities. Students can follow along with the broadcasts as they use the online materials or access the Musical Ancestries™ information online at their convenience.

Teachers and parents alike express great enthusiasm for ‘Musical Ancestries’ programming.

Musical Ancestries is important because it expands student minds. They are thinking critically, making connections, and opening their hearts and minds to other cultures.

(Elementary Music Teacher)

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