Rewriting The Code Supports Women in Tech with skills development and job placement

Rewriting The Code was founded to support women entering the tech industry and eliminate racial bias to create new opportunities in the industry

By disrupting the gender and racial inequality in the tech industry, Rewriting the Code is changing the face of technology.

Our mission

Rewriting the Code supports and empowers college, graduate and early career women in tech through intersectional communities, mentorship, industry experience, and educational resources to become the next generation of engineers and tech leaders.

A Message For The Founder

I am delighted to share Rewriting the Code’s 2022 Impact Report focused on our mission of serving 17,925 undergraduate and graduate students, and early career women in tech across the globe. As we enter our 7th year, our work continues to offer safe and supportive communities for the members of RTC throughout their 10 year journey – beginning with their 1st year in college and continuing through 5-6 years into their professional careers.

The path of retention and resilience is challenging and complex for the underrepresented members of RTC:
the entire gender of women, Black women, Latina women and Native women. The RTC Team, partners and supporters are committed to working with our members to provide the comprehensive support to achieve their goals.

The members of RTC are outstanding women, and technologists. Ethnic, cultural, societal, economic, familial and lived experinces are welcomed and celebrated. Members are not defined by their colleges or companies, but rather the solutions they will create, the roles they will explore, the industries they will lead and the impact they will have on future generations of women. RTC focuses on removing the roadblocks that cross their paths and the systems and biases that must change.

As we move past the global pandemic, 2022 allowed the opportunity for the community to gather in-person. Students connected during summer internships, attended conferences, participate in hackathons and visited RTC partner company headquarters. RTC launched the Early Career communities in Seattle and New York City where 100s of members have launched their careers.

Relationships and friendships have been created and strengthened through these encounters and RTC will continue to fuel these opportunities in 2023.

RTC has launched 2023 with a new website, an expanded team to provide additional opportunities for members and new company partners. Be on the lookout for the launch of RTC’s first international office, increased conference scholarships for members, and new membership platform to enhance the RTC user experience.

Thank you for your continued support of RTC.
Best regards,
Letter from Our Founder + CEO
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