Rowan Community Center Celebrates Their 50th Anniversary Weekend

The Rowan Community Center recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary weekend with a fundraising reception hosted by the Griot Museum of Black History and an outdoor celebration the following day. Guests enjoyed performances and presentations from the Infrared Rockers and Phoenix

Rowan Community Center 50th Anniversary Community Event

The Rowan Community Center (RCC) recently celebrated a 50th Anniversary weekend to mark the important milestone. A fundraising reception was hosted by the Griot Museum of Black History. Another event was held the following day outside the RCC to bring together supporters from over the five decades.

It was a weekend of extreme heat which kept some away but everyone pushed forward and it was my honor as Alderwoman to attend. The RCC and I want to thank the many friends and supporters who helped make this historic year a crowning success.

The Center has served as the home of many groups such as the Organization for Black Struggle, the Youth Council for Positive Development and the Infrared Rockers reggae band. It has been a hub for numerous community meetings, social gatherings and educational programs.

The Infrared Rockers brought its unique roots rhythm and Alderwoman Pam Boyd presented a resolution for the special occasion. The Phoenix Project shared its presentation with remarks from ward resident and project participant, Cheryl Robinson Moore. We received inspiration from word warriors, Cheeraz Gorman and Cheryl Smith.

RCC Board of Directors’ President Thomas Mines made a special announcement regarding the future of the Center. Kwame Building and the Grice Groups have teamed up to launch an exciting renovation project for the building. Mines expressed his gratitude to Honorary Planning Committee Co-Chairs Cheryl Smith Walker and Darryl Jones for helping to usher in the next chapter for the Center.

The Center looks forward to celebrating its service to the community for the rest of the year. We’re looking to create the Friends of the RCC, a group that will help with the planning of programs and services in the coming years.


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