Seeking Justice and Healing: Maurnice Baker Speaks on The Unresolved Case of her son Jerome Baker

Grieving mother Maurnice Baker speaks about the unresolved murder case, involving her beloved son, check out video interview.

Jerome Baker

 It has been seven agonizing years since the disappearance and tragic death of Jerome Baker, a devoted father of six, in St. Louis, Missouri. The pain lingers for his mother, Maurnice Baker, who tirelessly seeks justice for her son while helping others through the foundation she created in his honor, “N Jerome’s Eyes.”  Jerome’s day started with joy and anticipation as he prepared individual lunches for his children, excited about a planned trip to Six Flags. In an inexplicable turn of events, he vanished without a trace on May 15th, 2016, leaving behind his wallet, jacket, and a home filled with unanswered questions. The only item missing was his cell phone.  

Maurnice recalls the last moments leading to her son’s disappearance. A young woman, who had been with Jerome, left with one of the children to pick up her own kids. Jerome contacted his best friend, Corey, requesting to borrow his car to ensure a safe journey to Six Flags. But within eleven minutes of Corey’s arrival, Jerome was gone. Maurnice, conducting her own search, discovered drag marks in the backyard, hinting at a sinister development.  In October 2016, a utility worker found Jerome’s skull in a vacant dump site, shedding light on the grim fate he suffered. The pain of losing Jerome reverberated through the hearts of those who knew and loved him. Despite the discovery, the case remains unresolved, adding to Maurnice’s frustration.  

Compounding the grief is the absence of a dedicated missing person unit in St. Louis, a fact that leaves families in limbo. Maurnice passionately advocates for the establishment of such a unit, emphasizing the critical need for immediate action when a loved one goes missing.  The investigation into Jerome’s murder has been marred by delays and neglect, according to Maurnice. She recounts her pleas to have her son’s phone pinged, with law enforcement initially giving her the runaround. When they finally acted, a chilling revelation emerged – a 911 call made on the day of Jerome’s disappearance captured him fighting for his life against multiple assailants.  

Maurnice’s struggle with forgiveness is palpable. Some days, she wishes the pain on those responsible; other days, she prays for strength and healing. Her determination to find answers persists, fueled by the memory of her son’s kindness. “I want the people who did this to know, with every breath in my body, I’m not stopping until I find out who’s responsible,” she declares.  In memory of Jerome and for the countless others with unresolved cases, Maurnice Baker’s foundation, “N Jerome’s Eyes,” serves as a place of hope and support for the children of the missing. 

As the investigation into Jerome’s death continues, anyone with information is urged to contact the St. Louis Police Department at (314) 444-5738.

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