St. Louis S.C. battles LA Galaxy F.C., today on a cloudy June 11th sky in St. Louis

It is the day of my birthday, and The Argus was invited back down in the press box.So, it was a moment of culture reflection.


There were two great soul stirring versions of The Black Anthem, and the National Anthem, which was performed by a good colleague of mine Thurman Thornton.I apologize for not having the other singers name, as a result I will edit upon gathering more information.

Another great highlight was an appearance by Olympian Legend of East St. Louis, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, who did the coin toss.

We were over 43:00 minutes into the match, as they were about to resume play, after an injury, with both teams scoreless.In my opinion the home team had the most opportunities to score.But right now the crowd is still banging the drums and hoping for some results.

And I must tell you, The St. Houligans, are deep into the mix of things.As we go into halftime, I decided to check out the sights and sounds of City Park.

Remarkably, it is my birthday, so I will leave you with some images that I took earlier.So, check back later for the final update of the game.

Update: 67:54 in, St. Louis City S.C., scored first goal of the game.

All images by The Newsletter 05:



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