The business of Smoked Meat, with Grandpa Willie’s BBQ-Interview

A tasty look at a new BBQ joint in the city, that is fast becoming a new way to enjoy smoked meat.


As we all know, St. Louis is one of the most popular spots to enjoy smoked meat. Just last year it overtook Kansas City, as the King of the BBQ. However, this year, Kansas City is now back on top.

In addition to that, other cities like Memphis and parts of Texas claimed that Missouri smoke meat is all flats. But you better not let any smoker in St. Louis or Kansas City hear those words.

Moreover, we all love our St. Louis styled BBQ and smoked meat. So, I guess you can’t get enough of it in the area of 2.8 million residents, which means there is room for one more.

I had the exclusive pleasure of inviting my friend into the studio to talk about his new adventure, and yes we still have a few food battles to get to very soon.

1. Let’s talk about your business of BBQ?

Patrick: As you may know as the Promoter & Owner of Boutmoney ENT LLC., I wanted to start my BBQ business about 4 years ago. Right before the pandemic, but then the pandemic hit, and I couldn’t get anything going including the motivation to get it started. Now, I went on ahead and took a leap of faith, and it was the best decision I’d ever made.

2. Why did you decide on going in the smoked meat business? 

Patrick: My BBQ is inspired by my late Grandfather Willie Sr. It was said that he had the best BBQ in North St. Louis, in which, it fed his family and the community

In the spring of 2023, I’d met the most wonderful woman of my life Stacey Parks. And I started to grill for her, and then she asked, how long have I been grilling? I told her since I was 8-years-old; my mother Eva Robinson and my Late Grandmother Audrey Robinson, would have me out on grill, and told me to watch and turn the meat. So, my love for BBQ went from there. That was my greatest inspiration, the people in my life encouraging me to follow my passion for grilling.

 3. With all the BBQ joints in St. Louis, what make yours any different? 

Patrick: First off, you can never have enough BBQ, especially in STL, though we do have alot of BBQ commercialized spots, but not enough Black-owned spots here.The difference with my ‘Que, is that I will be bringing back the “Old Skool” charcoal grill taste, with some good flavors of wood mixed with it. I also don’t sell any pork or pork based products. And everything is made with low sodium natural seasonings, herbs, which are made by Me and a local company called Note of Spice. In addition, there isn’t anybody really delivering BBQ for FREE, in the Lou.

4. Do you have a team or is this a one man’s show? 

Patrick: Yes, I have a Team, me, my lady and her children, along with my mother.

5. What are your specialities? 

Patrick: My specialties are my BBQ Lamb, and you must have my Beef ribs, the meat falls off the bone. And my STL Duck, will be coming soon.

6. Are registered Safety Serve; got to keep the people safe?

Patrick: Yes, I am.Most definitely.

7.Are you a registered business?

Patrick: Yes.

8. What are your best sides with your meat? 

Patrick: My mother has some of the best creamy Potato salad in the City, and Mama-ccoli & Josie Asian Garlic Rice.

9. Do you have a catering and delivery options? 

Patrick: Yes, Anyone can contact us ahead of time on catering events. But we’re ONLY opened Sundays 1pm-5pm, and we Delivery for Free! Pick-up is optional as well.You can check out our FB business page on Facebook Grandpa Willie’s BBQ for ordering & menuย  information.


10. Tell me about your sauce, that is used for your meat?

Patrick: NOPE, it’s a secret ๐Ÿ˜‚ It’s a sweet bold and smoked blend that’s it.

I would like to thank Patrick for this wonderful interview, and please look for a Part 2, of me sampling some FREE delicious smoke meat from his grill soon.


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