The St. Louis Battlehawks return to the field this Sunday and the co-owner “The Rock”, is all for it

The owner of the huge fan based St. Louis Battlehawks, Dwayne Johnson, is certained, that the city will break records a second time around, when the team takes the field this weekend at The Dome, in St.Louis, MO.

There are several top tier players in the newly revitalized XFL portfolio. They are mega-superstar Dwayne Johnson, his ex-wife Dany Garcia and Alpha Acquico, LLC.

However, the one that stands out the most, is American actor, Dwayne Johnson. This man is instrumental in making sure this time around, that the organization scores more than touchdowns.

St. Louis Battlehawks/Facebook

He is all across the media circus aggrandizing the TV ratings, the players’ achievements, the fans’ reactions and the seats in the stands. And one city that he coveting this week, is St. Louis,MO.

This may sound bia, because I am a fan of my city and always will be. However,the proof is documented all over social media.

The Rock/Twitter

Just last week he bragged on how proud he was of the quarterback A.J. McCarron, the same man who left the NFL million dollar contract just to play and be a star in the XFL. And while McCarron has over 300 passing yard and 3 touchdowns, his durability will drive the potent Battlehawks very far.


Moreover, Dwayne, affectionately called “The Rock”, wants everyone to know that his attendance records are showing strong numbers since week 3. But, St. Louis numbers probably will triple that result, due to fans all over the country showing overwhelming admiration for The Battlehawks.

So, if you are planning to come to St. Louis, please be prepared for a very loud gee-whiz of a time. And know before you go, because our downtown has been hit hard with petty crime waves.

Twitter/The Battlehawks verified

Even though, most of this is exaggerated by social media hatred brought on by our own residents. Yet, St.Louis, a metropolitan area of 2.9 million residents, is the no. 21 market in U.S.A., and largest in MO. And it is always important to be vigilant, when you are traveling, so use my tips:


  1. Mind your own business
  2. Travel in pairs or only when it well lit
  3. Do not be trying to make friends with strangers
  4. We have a huge unhoused problem, so keep it moving. Do not stop to give money or ask for directions. Some are not unhoused, but are waiting to set you up or rob you.
  5. We have a main library and an express library, go there to print out maps and get info on things to do in the city before or after the game.
  6. No late night walking around downtown or sitting in cars after 12 a.m.
  7. Watch for speeding cars and police chases.
  8. If something just doesn’t look right,then follow your conscious.
  9. If you take the Metro Link transit, be aware of your surroundings.
  10. Carry only what u will need if you have to make quick runs outside of the hotel
  11. Park only in paid garages, do not park in alley or on abandoned streets.
  12. Keep expensive cell phones out of sight.Do not be on phone walking around like you are lost
  13. If you do drugs, I would suggest a dispensary, do not tangling around with drug dealers.

The Argus want all to be safe,whether you are a tourist or resident of our area.Go Battlehawks.


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