New life is coming back to a classic of a ‘Castle’ in the Visitation Park neighborhood on the west SIDE

On Nov. 7, 2019, Neighborhood Properties LLC purchased a home at 5315 Cabanne Ave. 1, St. Louis from Cabanne Castle Properties LLC for $155,000.

The Newsletter 05

I have been screaming and begging someone to loan me some money. So, that I could purchased what use to be a blighted property at 5315 Cabanne.

I use to own a 3-story property not far from the address, and I would walk in the neighborhood. Stopping many times to admire the massive apartment building that just sat in ruins.

5315 Cabanne, affectionately called ‘The Castle’ is part of the west end once thriving history. In its heydays, I am sure it was filled with people going places, before it fell on many hardtimes.

Good times are ahead, now that it is being renovated according to Next STL, by Neighborhood Properties. Because they submitted a $2 million building permit and are already on the job.

I stopped by to check it out, but was met with a few Mexican roofers, and brick workers. They immediately stated they knew nothing of what was being done with the structure.

After peeping around,my media contacts at Next STL posted this:

A $2M building permit application was submitted by Neighborhood Properties for Cabanne Place also known as “The Castle on Cabanne.” The building at 5315 Cabanne Ave in the Visitation Park neighborhood consists of 3-stories of residential with one level of underground parking (24 spaces). The architect is Osnova Architects There will be 36 apartments- 12 one-Bedroom, 18 two-bedroom, and 6 three-bedroom with average unit size of 852 square feet.

So, after reading this, I know this means the apartments won’t be for the low incomers.

In addition, I see gentrification at its best. And at this stage, I don’t blame them. Because there are several on the market homes in the area and further down the road in the immediate Central West End, worth over/under a half million dollars.

Neighborhood Properties:

On Nov. 7, 2019, Neighborhood Properties LLC purchased a home at 5315 Cabanne Ave. 1, St. Louis from Cabanne Castle Properties LLC for $155,000.

The amount paid for property taxes on this property in 2015 was $72.10, 0.05% of the sale price of the home.

In November 2019, 384 properties sold in St. Louis.

There isn’t much history I could find about the property before it fell into disrepair and urban flight. But it is noted that there were a bunch of elderlies and disabled with fixed incomes living there years ago.

I tried to reach out to Neighborhood Properties in Clayton, but they stated that the owner would contact me directly…

Before you enjoy the before photos below, some were taken by Next STL, and the others by The Newsletter05.

Here are the 10 things I wanted done with this property:

  1. A hotel for families of sick kids who wanted to be close to the hospitals
  2. A large bed and breakfast, equipped with meeting halls and music stage
  3. An assisted living facility with an out door fountain and garden
  4. A drug rehab center, and offices for start-ups (tech)
  5. Low income clinics
  6. Low income apartments (no Section 8) and condominiums
  7. Several day cares and an elementary school
  8. St. Louis University or Washington University’s continuing education center
  9. A bunch of non-profit organization helping the poor and disabled
  10. A mental health center with temporary housing for some unhoused citizens

Photos by Next STL and The Newsletter05

Ok, my list may be far fetched, however, I am delighted that this building is seeing new life. In addition it will fit right back in with the vibrancy as you drive southward toward the lucrative swing of St. Louis.



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