Non-Profit Awareness: As Ongoing Violence in Cities Continues, Kendall Qualls Says It’s Time for Black Americans to Support A Real Community Transformation

TakeCharge is an organization committed to supporting the notion that the idea of America works for everyone regardless of race and station in life.

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After weeks of ongoing violent activities in cities across the country in major cities, TakeCharge founder and president Kendall Qualls today called on leaders in the black community to seize the moral authority and support efforts to hold people accountable for unacceptable behavior and join to together for a cultural transformation back to faith, family, and education.  

This follows results from a recent TakeCharge survey that shows that Black Americans are frustrated with the current political climate and narrative surrounding their community. The survey also showed a growing number of black Americans believe faith is important in their lives and believe children are better off when there is a father present in their homes and want the government to act accordingly.

“As Americans, we have watched the decline of major cities that were once crown jewels of national pride deteriorate into a national embarrassment of shame, corruption, and disgrace. Now is the time for leaders to speak truth and reclaim moral authority including leaders in the black community. Unlike Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson, who gave a pass to a lawless mob of black youth ransacking and killing in Chicago.

I’m calling on leaders in the black community to join our efforts in a transformation in the black community starting with prioritizing the restoration of two-parent families and a return to cultural roots of the of black community which were a commitment to the traditional Christian faith, two-parent families, and an emphasis for a solid education for our children.  

For too long we have been silent and have done little to reverse the fatherless home crisis in our communities and by doing so, we have dishonored all who sacrificed and came before us.  In our lifetimes, we witnessed the black community decline from 8o percent of two-parent families to 80 percent fatherless homes in nearly every major city in the country.  Our ancestors did not sacrifice so that 80 percent of children would have baby daddies instead of fathers. Fathers love, discipline and train their children – baby daddies do not.”

The recent TakeCharge survey shows a growing number of Black Americans are frustrated with the current political climate. Black Americans also believe faith is important in their lives and believe children are better off when there is a father present in their homes and want the government to act accordingly.

Other findings include:

• Majority of African Americans do not believe our public schools are successfully educating our students.

• Three-quarters of African Americans believe parents should have the ability to choose the best school for their children.

• The majority of African Americans agree that faith, two-parent families, and parental choice in education should be the foundational principles to black prosperity in America.

• 67 percent of those surveyed do not believe BLM or NAACP have influence on their decisions in life and family (question #6 for your reference Mike).


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