Senator Karla May Stands Firm with Missouri’s Working Families Amid UAW Strike

As the United Auto Workers strike continues, Missouri Senator Karla May speaks out in support of UAW workers and calls for a fair and equitable profit-sharing agreement.

JEFFERSON CITY—As the United Auto Workers (UAW) strike remains at the forefront of national news, Missouri’s Senator Karla May, D-St. Louis, is making her stance clear, emphasizing, “losing jobs is not a win-win for anyone.”

“In a prospering economy like ours, it’s disheartening to witness families facing financial uncertainties. Such hardships should be a thing of the past,” remarked Sen. May. “We possess the means to create a stable environment for these families. Our priority should be shaping a framework where all Missourians, especially our industrious workers, benefit.”

Reflecting on recent statements by the president and UAW president, Sen. May underscores the urgency of an equitable profit-sharing agreement. She says this agreement should harmoniously balance the interests of workers with the growth of corporations.

“The heart and soul of Missouri are its hardworking families,” said Sen. May. “It’s crucial that in discussions between the Big Three automakers and unions like the UAW, we keep these families at the forefront. Profit-sharing must be transparent, fair and structured to ensure the continued livelihoods of our workers.”

Senator May also calls on her fellow Missourians to rally behind the UAW workers.

Closing her statement, Sen. May voiced, “Missouri has a proud legacy of dedication and hard work. Together, let’s pave the way towards a unified, prosperous and secure future.”

A devoted advocate for workers’ rights and family welfare in Missouri, Sen. May’s career is built upon the ideals of fairness, equity and prosperity for all in the Show-Me State.

For more information on Sen. May’s legislation, visit her official Missouri Senate website at


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