We already know that St. Louis is the most Underrated city in USA

St. Louis has been ranked No. 4, in the most underrated cities in America ranking, by blog site Homebay.

Not-surprisingly, was I, upon reading the headlines about our fair city. With so much to do here, museums, art, and talents, delicious food and affordable housing. It is no wonder why people tend to stick around St. Louis for a while.

So, pack your bags and give my fabulous home town a try. Because even with the negativity, we still can hold up against any other major metropolis.

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When it comes to the major cities in the United States, many of them are forgotten or brushed aside by people searching for a place to live. 

St. Louis is no exception.

Oh yes, like many other cities across the land, St. Louis has its negative statistics, but all of the great things the Gateway City offers most definitely comes out on top. So, no surprise that St. Louis is ranked among the most underrated cities in America.

Researchers at Home Bay placed St. Louis at No. 4 in America’s underrated cities with No. 1 being Seattle, followed by Tampa, Fla.; and Charlotte, N.C.

Closing out the Top 10 after St. Louis are Boston; Austin, Texas; Birmingham, Ala.; Baltimore; San Jose, Calif. and Atlanta.

Within the results, Home Bay writes, “Visitors will find St. Louis has plenty of things to do, including blues clubs, breweries, museums and championship-winning sports teams.

“Yet affordability is the main draw, with a cost of living that’s 5% lower than the studied-city average and a typical home price that’s 44% less than average.”

What people are saying?

St. Louis Although St. Louis is a medium-sized Midwestern city, it contains the cultural attractions of a large European city, most free of charge. St. Louis Art Museum, Forest Park, Saint Louis Zoo, Missouri Botanical Garden and the Cathedral Basilica are all major and impressive venues. Not to mention Anheuser-Busch Brewery and the Arch. Lodging and food in the city are fair-priced, and nearly all parking is free, even at major venues. St. Louis has the best value of any urban destination anywhere. — Casey

japster28   Location: Chicago =) 411 posts, read 614,343 times Reputation: 359 Agreed, STL is the most underrated city in the US. I have been completely blown away by the city and it has surpassed my expectations the multiple times I have been there.

Originally Posted by glamatomic: As somebody who has lived in 3 countries, explored dozens of countries between the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa… I can honestly say that St. Louis is my favorite place in the world. I can’t wait to move back. It isn’t my official home, but I felt more at home there than any place I’ve ever been. Love it. It’s totally underrated. There’s the best and worst of everything in St. Louis which comes together to make a truly eclectic, incredible, beautiful place.

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