Yelp’s Top 100 Midwest Restaurants 2023

St. Louis deli takes No. 1 spot on Yelp’s top 100 restaurants in the Midwest


Yelp’s Top 100 Midwest Restaurants was written and reported by Adele Chapin.

From steakhouses to sandwiches, fine dining to takeout, the best Midwest restaurants serve up a wide range of tastes and cuisines

For this new list of the Top 100 Restaurants in the Midwest, we’ve scoured amazing eateries across a dozen states—Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Not surprisingly, this huge area of the central US features diverse, wide-ranging food scenes, from big cities and small towns to rural agricultural centers.

You’ll still find great places serving meat and potatoes (like the superb burgers and fries at #9, Minneapolis’ George & the Dragon), or a bounty of seasonal local produce (#5, Songbird in St. Louis). But this year’s list also includes cultural influences and international flavors, from Burmese fried chickpea tofu (#2, Pa Lian in Wheaton, Illinois) and spicy Somali rice bowls (#7, Hoyo’s Kitchen in Columbus, Ohio), to a surprising mash-up of Vietnamese and Eastern European dishes (#6, Chicago’s Sunset Pho Caffe).

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Methodology: This is a list of the top 100 places to eat in the Midwest, according to Yelp. We identified businesses in the restaurants category, then ranked those spots using a number of factors, including the total volume and ratings of reviews between January 1, 2021, and May 1, 2023. This list looked at businesses in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. When available, all businesses on this list have a passing health score as of May 1, 2023.

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1. Blues City Deli, St. Louis, Missouri

7th Street Sicilian

Deli owner Vince Valenza calls himself a “sandwich fanatic”—and after you eat here, you’ll probably be one too. The menu at this Benton Park institution spans more than 2 dozen ’wiches (plus specials), from classics like the Original Roast Beef (with hot roast beef made in-house) to fanciful inventions like the Aporkalypse Pretzelwich (garlic-peppered pork roast, bacon, provolone, pickle, and spicy Boom Boom sauce on a pretzel roll). The staff at Blues City are sticklers about the details, making as much from scratch as they can—including sauces, condiments, and the house-smoked pastrami. The “deliciously crisp on the outside, soft on the inside” bread is sourced from local bakers, who make it fresh for the deli each day.

High-quality ingredients are part of Vince’s heritage: His family once ran a fruit and produce stand at St. Louis’ historic, now-defunct Union Market. “We talked about food probably 90% of the time; the rest is sports,” he jokes. He’s been running Blues City Deli since 2004 and, as the 20th anniversary approaches, it’s easy to see why the shop’s been such a hit. After trying several different hoagies, “I understand why the line is out the door every day!” writes Yelp Elite Samantha W.

Popular dishes: A few regulars try to work their way through the entire menu, a task made harder by the board of daily specials (the meatball sub special is particularly popular). Crowd-pleasing options include the “all-around yum” 7th Street Sicilian, with Genoa salami, capicola, pepperoni, and provolone; the Thunderbird, stacked high with turkey, pastrami, capicola, and bacon; and the Big Tommy, with roast beef on cheese garlic bread (“It was so good we got another,” attests Yelp Elite Deborah K.).

Yelpers say: “Well known as the best deli in the St. Louis area. Can get crowded and have long lines but it’s worth it. Love their bread, so fresh, makes their sandwiches extraordinary. The Aporkalypse is a must-try here; you won’t find a better sandwich. [And] their Club and Thunderbird are so craveworthy!” —Yelp Elite April B.

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2. Pa Lian, Wheaton, Illinois


If you search Chicago for Burmese food—the flavorful cuisine of the Southeast Asian country now known as Myanmar—you’ll only find one listing. Luckily, it’s Pa Lian, the Wheaton restaurant where Tawk Zalian is serving deliciously authentic dishes. When he and his wife decided to open the restaurant, there wasn’t a single Burmese restaurant in the entire state, Tawk says. “We love to eat, we love to cook, so we decided to bring our cuisine to the Illinois area,” he explains. The couple split the cooking duties, and they’re passionate about sharing their homeland’s food and traditions with their neighbors.

A great starting point is the Tea Leaf Salad, a uniquely Burmese dish that “the whole world doesn’t know,” Tawk says. It’s a little crunchy, a little bitter, thanks to fermented tea leaves tossed with fried fava beans, yellow beans, peanuts, sesame seeds, sliced tomatoes, cabbage, and lime. Noodle fans can choose from a nice variety, including vermicelli, udon, and shan (flat, thin rice noodles), and diners looking for vegetarian or halal meat dishes will find plenty to choose from. There are even vegan options made with plant-based Beyond Meat.

Popular dishes: Ohn-No-Kauk-Swe (coconut chicken noodle soup) is a hit here, garnished with bean fritters and fried onion, along with spices on the side that let you add your desired level of heat. It’s the menu’s “rock star…rich and so, so delicious,” says Yelp Elite Kate H. Fans love the appetizer known as Fried Tofu—deep-fried slabs of house-made Burmese tofu (based on dried chickpeas instead of soybeans). Served with a chili-lime dipping sauce, it’s “perfectly crisp on the outside with a soft, almost creamy interior,” according to Yelp Elite Mohan C.

Yelpers say: “The flavors here are definitely different and very yummy. My favorite item was the Ohn-No-Kauk-Swe, which is almost like ramen except with a creamier broth. This soup was so rich and the extras were delicious, too. I loved the shan noodle dish, too—the closest thing I think I can compare it to is almost like pad Thai. The Fried Tofu was phenomenal with the accompanying sauce. Such a great owner, space, and food.” —Yelp Elite Mirella K.

3. Malinche Mexican Culinary Experience, Ellisville, Missouri

Del Trompo

Instead of the usual chips and salsa, complimentary “antojitos”—snacks such as esquites (corn cups) or flautas—start every meal at at Malinche Mexican Culinary Experience. That’s because this popular restaurant is dedicated to showcasing the diversity of Mexican culture, along with the incredible creativity of head chef María Gutiérrez Molina. “I have been in the industry for so many years, and haven’t seen another human being with the passion for cooking that my mom has,” says Maria’s son and co-owner, Angel Jiménez-Gutiérrez. “She just loves it.” 

At Malinche, María makes every single tortilla. She infuses olive oil with guajillo and chipotle peppers, and her mole recipe harks back to her great grandmother’s home of Ozumba, a small municipality southeast of Mexico City. It’s a tiny spot, so reservations are highly recommended if you want to try her cooking.

Popular dishes: Wednesdays through Sundays, you’ll take a culinary journey through Mexico with a menu of 10–12 small shareable plates. Del Trompo—slow-roasted, achiote-seasoned pork with pineapple salsa—is a must. “We ended up ordering more of those because they were just too good,” says Yelp Elite Aimee D. Another favorite is the Endiablados tostadas with creamy chipotle tiger shrimp, which feature “a nice kick and a wonderful flavor.” Since the tapas-style menu is labor-intensive to make, Mondays and Tuesdays are dedicated to gourmet tacos with “layers of flavor,” featuring ingredients such as guajillo pork loin chicharrones or lightly battered tilapia with ancho, chipotle, and jalapeno dressings.

Yelpers say: “[Not just the] best Mexican [food] in St. Louis…it’s the best in the country. Nothing compares to the authentic and quality taste in food and drink that Malinche brings on a nightly basis. Start with the dip trio [guacamole, queso, and salsa of the day with fresh tortilla chips and chicharrones]. The Del Trompo is my personal favorite, but you literally cannot go wrong. However you MUST save room for dessert, because both the traditional and the strawberry tres leches might actually be the best desserts this earth has graced us with.” —Mark N. 

4. Livery, Indianapolis, Indiana

Skirt Steak

At Livery, almost every table is topped with one of two things: empanadas and churros. The menu here is dedicated to small plates, featuring flavors from across Latin America, but the empanadas are the “the star of the show.” The fillings of these fried delicacies change with the seasons—summer brings a corn empanada accented by truffles and jalapeno crema. Other favorite fillings include steak, chorizo, lamb, and chicken, each served with its own unique house-made sauce and salsa for dipping. And you won’t forget dessert, thanks to the smell of freshly made churros wafting through the restaurant. 

Livery’s food is so popular (it landed in Yelp’s Top 100 US Restaurants 2023) that there are now additional locations in Indiana and Ohio. The Indianapolis original inspires the design of all the locations: It’s housed in a former stable for police horses, and the new look creates a “very cool, urban-hip atmosphere” while paying tribute to the building’s horsey historic roots. (A delicious example: the orange brandy-infused Carriage House margarita.)

Popular dishes: Round out your meal with the “extremely juicy and tender” skirt steak that comes with French fry-esque slices of Manchego polenta, or the “out-of-this-world” red drum, a spicy fish dish that’s dressed up with chorizo chutney and chimichurri. Yucca fries with queso blanco and sweet plantains with pineapple slaw make great starters.

Yelpers say: “A must-try in Indy!!! Absolutely love this place. The Latin food is so good. Love the steak, cheese, and corn empanadas. The tacos are all amazing as well! Also have to order an incredible margarita, but tons of unique cocktails to choose from.” —Yelp Elite Hannah J.

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5. Songbird, St. Louis, Missouri

Savory Farm Toast

The story of Songbird begins with the Combo, the region’s most perfect breakfast sandwich: a quintessential farm-raised fried egg combined with apple-smoked bacon and aged white cheddar on toasted sourdough, finished with a touch of local honey and sea salt. It’s “the perfect marriage of salty, sweet, smokey, and gooey!” says Yelper Kim M.

Intending it to be “just a really good combination of flavors and texture,” Songbird co-owner Chris Meyer served the Combo at the Tower Grove Farmers Market for 7 years. She later capitalized on its popularity by opening this breakfast and lunch spot in 2020. And since Songbird’s team has lots of experience in fine dining, the dishes here have a high level of finesse. Chris’ relationships with farmers market purveyors help take the food to another level, with ingredients like Ozark Forest mushrooms in the “super smooth and creamy” kale frittata, or Bee Simple microgreens topping a lox bialy. “Breakfast really lends itself to that local sourcing,” Chris says.

Popular dishes: Songbird’s resident baker Bryan Russo is behind the freshly made English muffins, which Yelper Katie W. says are “so melt-in-your mouth amazing, that I wanted to order a dozen more.” He also makes the Japanese-style milk bread that forms the base for the “fluffy and creamy” Farm Toast (Songbird’s version of French toast), served with ham and cheese or seasonal local fruit. Gluten-free options are also available.

Yelpers say: “I ordered the local farm breakfast and each component was delicious! Farm eggs over easy, crispy bacon, lightly toasted bread, and jam. All locally sourced. Do not skip the lemon pound cake with poppy seed dressing, so good! Enjoyed my Songbird latte and the view while waiting for our food. Can’t wait to return.” —Yelp Elite Nancy R.

6. Sunset Pho Caffe, Chicago, Illinois

Grilled Mussels with “Yummy Sauce”

There aren’t many restaurants in the world, let alone the Midwest, that mash up authentic Vietnamese and Yugoslavian cuisines. Sunset Pho Caffe is one of a kind, serving up excellent pho alongside burek, the cheese or spinach pie that’s an Eastern European favorite. The Chicago restaurant is run by married couple Ngoc Diep Stakic, who’s from Ho Chi Minh City, and her Croatian husband Zel. “At first I thought a Vietnamese/Yugoslavian fusion might be odd,” says Yelp Elite Ashlyn R. “I was proven very wrong. Sunset Pho Caffe offers a unique and culturally informed fusion.”

The restaurant’s interior continues the cultural mix, with stained glass windows, artwork depicting both Eastern Europe and Vietnam, soccer matches on the television, and a bar stocked with European wine and beer. “The interior felt sort of like a German ale house…but it all seemed to work,” says Yelper Laura B.

Popular dishes: The “fantastic” pho, with options that include seafood, rare Angus beef, and spicy lemongrass with brisket, draws raves (“Best pho in Chicago hands down!”). Grilled mussels are “not to be missed if you like garlic and butter,” says Yelper Fred S. Be sure to try the cevapcici spring roll with traditional Balkan condiments, a special creation of the cafe. It’s “a fusion of the regular Vietnamese spring roll with a kick of Croatian-style meat,” says Yelper Ni V. Note: Sunset Pho Caffe is temporarily closed, and is scheduled to reopen with a new menu on Aug. 8.

Yelpers say: “Best pho I’ve had in a long while. Also, spring rolls, appetizers, crispy noodles, seafood, sausage—all delicious. Atmosphere is so cozy, with a ski-lodge sloping ceiling-type vibe. The owner cares about your experience and stops by the table with slivovitz. It’s a fusion of 2 types of cuisine—Yugoslavian and Vietnamese—[which] blend beautifully.” —Mimi R.

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7. Hoyo’s Kitchen, Columbus, Ohio

Mango Chicken

The family behind Hoyo’s Kitchen are on a mission to introduce Somali cooking to as many diners as possible. “Hoyo means ‘mom’ in Somali,” says co-owner Mohamed Hassan, who works alongside his brother, Abdilahi, to prepare a roster of recipes from their mother, Hayat. “We wanted to invite people to our mom’s kitchen, and we wanted to showcase Somali mothers and the hard work that they always do.”

At this counter-service restaurant, customers choose a wrap made with Somali flatbread or a bowl filled with either salad or 3 different kinds of rice (including spicy rice with a “fantastic kick“). Filling choices include chickpeas, cabbage, spinach, and lentils as well as proteins such as Chicken Suqaar (a “flavorful and aromatic” dish of meat cooked with tomatoes, onion, peppers, and spices), goat, different kinds of chicken, and a vegetarian option with “a little bit of everything.”

Since opening in Columbus 8 years ago, Hoyo’s Kitchen has expanded to 3 locations in food halls around town, including this one in downtown’s historic North Market. 

Popular dishes: “If you go to any Somali restaurant in the world, Somali people are going to judge you on the quality of your rice and the quality of your goat,” Mohamed notes. But they’re also open to experimenting with less traditional dishes, such as a mango-marinated chicken that Yelpers call the “perfect sweet and spicy combo.” Add a flaky sambusa filled with piping-hot meat or veggies, which are “so good you’ll be dreaming about them.”

Yelpers say: “If you’ve never been to Hoyo’s Kitchen in the North Market…run don’t walk there!!!! Plenty of options, from your base to your protein to hot and cold toppings. I went with the mango chicken with lentils and chickpeas, while my dude got the goat, [which he said] was the best he’s ever had. Their food is quality.” —Yelp Elite Jessica R.

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8. Arzola’s Fajitas & Margaritas, St. Louis, Missouri

Steak Fajitas

If you love fajitas (who doesn’t?), Arzola’s is THE place to go. Their “extraordinary” versions of the classic Tex-Mex dish are part of every entree—whether it’s a Signature Fajitas plate (with marinated chicken, mojo shrimp, veggies, or steak “so tender that [you] could cut it with a fork”), huge fajita-stuffed burritos with avocado salsa, or fajita quesadillas served with a red chile dipping sauce. “Every part of their fajitas is amazing and fresh,” says Yelp Elite Kelly P.

But this is not a place where strips of meat are served sizzling on a platter, notes owner Coby Arzola, who runs the restaurant with his husband, Derek Fatheree. A 3rd-generation restaurateur (his father opened one of the first Mexican restaurants in St. Louis), Coby agrees with his dad’s opinion that the sizzle is all for show—instead, the meat should speak for itself. “We certainly have your traditional Tex-Mex fan who looks for [the extravagant presentation] from time to time,” he says. “But when the food comes and they taste it, the common belief is that these are the best fajitas anybody’s ever had—and they quickly forget that they didn’t come out sizzling and smoking on a piping-hot plate.”

The small restaurant moves 1,000 pounds of protein a week, with all the meat hand-trimmed and marinated for 72 hours. “It’s that extra time and attention that sets us apart,” Coby says. “When it’s the only thing you do, it’s uber-important that you get that one thing right.”

Popular dishes: Fajitas are clearly the way to go here, along with appetizers such as “the best” handmade guacamole or crisp-fried pickled jalapenos stuffed with rice, queso, and seasoned beef. Or ask about regional Mexican specials, such as a fresh-tasting Shrimp Aguachile. They take their margaritas seriously too, with a wide-ranging list featuring fresh-squeezed juices—even the frozen margaritas are engineered for the perfect slushy texture. “The Texas Tornado margarita alone is worth the visit,” says Yelper Leslie K. Stop by on Margarita Monday for a deal. 

Yelpers say: “What a spot! You have got to try the steak…Nothing will ever compare. So juicy and flavorful, plus sizable steak pieces, not little strips. The drinks are delicious. Very friendly atmosphere. Servers and patrons were all in great moods. Looking forward to my next trip out.” —Yelp Elite Maddie W.

9. George & the Dragon, Minneapolis, Minnesota

George Burger

At this cozy neighborhood pub, you get really great bar food (and some international comforts). Dishes range from “awesome” Classic Fish and Chips to lumpia—a Filipino egg roll made with local ground beef and pork, based on owner Federico Navarro’s mother’s recipe. “They were crispy and just like my mom used to make!” says Yelp Elite Kimberly R. “We serve things people expect from a pub, and then things we’d cook for you if you came over to our house,” Federico explains. 

So is George & the Dragon an English or Irish pub? It’s “a South Minneapolis pub, because that’s the community we live in,” says Federico, who means that literally—he and his wife, Stacy, who met while working for the Chicago-based Lettuce Entertain You restaurant group, live just up the street from their “super neighborhood-centric” restaurant. But their focus on quality ingredients and making diners feel special have won them a following far beyond their block.

Popular dishes: The burgers here are a sleeper hit, from the All American Burger to adventurous combos like the George Burger, finished off with aged cheddar from Wisconsin-based Widmer’s Cheese Cellars, mustard cream, and frizzled leeks (“I totally inhaled the whole burger,” says Yelper Hui C.). You’ll always find wild-caught salmon on the menu (“honestly the best I’ve ever had”)—but for a guilty pleasure, don’t miss their famously creamy bacon and onion dip, which has been featured on the Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.” “To this day, we still think about how much we loved that dip,” says Yelper Liliana S.

Yelpers say: “George & the Dragon is homey, charming, and delicious. We started off with the onion rings, [which] were flaky, with a similar batter to the kind used for fish and chips. They came with a chipotle aioli dipping sauce, which we loved. My sister liked her Caprese Toastie [a sandwich with fresh mozzarella, tomato, and pesto], and thought the accompaniment of “chips” (fries) was great. I got a chicken tikka-inspired curry, which was delicious, and I definitely cleared my plate. I would come back in a heartbeat.” —Yelp Elite Emily A.

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10. Aloha Wagon, Chicago, Illinois

Hawaiian Grilled BBQ Chicken Plate     

Aloha Wagon brings Hawaiian flavors to the Midwest’s biggest city, and eating here can feel like a mini-vacation when the cold winds are blowing through. One of Yelp’s Top Places to Eat in Chicago, they just celebrated their 10th anniversary and recently moved to a new, larger location with “a little more space and seating.” (Just look for the restaurant’s cheerful bright blue and yellow exterior.)

Married owners Rebeca Romo and Richard Manongdo brought their experience operating a food truck on Oahu to their Hawaiian menu, with Filipino and Mexican influences from their family backgrounds. Popular treats include Spam Musubi, a sushi-like snack consisting of warm and crispy grilled Spam, which is draped over white rice and savory katsu sauce and wrapped in nori (seaweed). If you’re really hungry, explore the traditional plate lunches, which are served with all the fixings: white rice, potato macaroni salad, and a mixed green salad. You pick out your choice of protein, from grilled chicken marinated in pineapple teriyaki with “a hint of sweetness” to Kalua Pig—“slow-roasted, tender shreds of smoky pork goodness mixed with sauteed cabbage,” notes fan Caryn P. Vegetarian options include grilled tofu with cilantro, banana peppers, and lime. Whatever you order, it will “100% fulfill [a] Hawaiian food craving.

Popular dishes: Aloha Wagon’s kalua pork also gets piled into tortillas for delicious tacos with “great flavor and…plenty of tender meat.” Or try the Grilled Fish Tacos with wasabi aioli onions—”the best fish taco I’ve ever had in life,” says Yelp Elite Vivi Z. Fans also love the Loco Moco, a filling meal of 2 griddled beef patties topped with zesty homemade gravy and 2 eggs over easy. “The runny egg was cooked to perfection,” says Victoria L.

Yelpers say: “I got the Kalua Pig and BBQ Chicken Plate. Everything was so yummy, from the meat to the Potato Mac Salad to even the rice! The BBQ chicken is soooo good and tender. The interior is very cute, music is on theme and perfect volume, and the staff is so nice. Can’t wait to come back!!” —Yelp Elite Nina P.

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The Ocean Crab, Citrus Salmon Special; Au Courant, New Zealand Barramundi

11. Jafra Mediterranean Restaurant, St. Peters, Missouri

12. Penumbra, Chicago, Illinois

13. Brazen Open Kitchen Bar, Dubuque, Iowa

14. The Bread & Yolk, Lake Orion, Michigan

15. Au Courant, Omaha, Nebraska

16. Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que, Kansas City, Kansas

17. Swingin’ Door Exchange, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

18. Balkan Treat Box, Webster Groves, Missouri

19. Mezzaluna, Fargo, North Dakota

20. Kuma’s Sushi Bowl, Vernon Hills, Illinois

21. Boba Burger, Morton Grove, Illinois

22. Skogen Kitchen, Custer, South Dakota

23. Grist, Dayton, Ohio

24. Asadoras Argentina Burgers, Oswego, Illinois

25. Cahill Bistro, Edina, Minnesota

26. 9th Street Bistro, Noblesville, Indiana

27. Kitchen Social, Columbus, Ohio

28. Mizu Japanese Sushi Restaurant, Parma, Ohio

29. Vida, Indianapolis, Indiana

30. Scotty’s Cafe, Columbus, Ohio

31. XOchimilco Mexican Restaurant, Chicago, Illinois

32. Have A Cow Urban Farm Store and Cafe, St. Louis, Missouri

33. The Russell, Kansas City, Missouri

34. Che Chori Foods, Indianapolis, Indiana

35. Delicia, Indianapolis, Indiana

36. Brassica, Columbus, Ohio

37. Chris’ Ice Cream, Indianapolis, Indiana

38. HD Cuisine, Wheeling, Illinois

39. El Jarocho Mexican Store And Taqueria, Valley Park, Missouri

40. Offset BBQ, Chicago, Illinois

San Chez Bistro, Queso Con Hierbas; The Blue Door Cafe & Bakery, Croissant French Toast

41. The Depot, Leavenworth, Kansas

42. Mi Patria Ecuadorian Restaurant, West Des Moines, Iowa

43. San Chez Bistro, Grand Rapids, Michigan

44. Wario’s Beef and Pork, Columbus, Ohio

45. Phoenician Taverna, Mason, Ohio

46. KALA Modern Greek, Chicago, Illinois

47. Brothers Gyros & Pizza, Hales Corners, Wisconsin

48. Half Moon Bakery, Cleveland, Ohio

49. Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf, Chicago, Illinois

50. Scott’s Kitchen and Catering at Hangar 29, Kansas City, Missouri

51. The Blue Door Cafe & Bakery, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

52. North Branch Fried Chicken, Chicago, Illinois

53. The Ocean Crab, Lansing, Michigan

54. Chez François Poutinerie, Naperville, Illinois

55. The Towne Plaza, Traverse City, Michigan

56. Blue’s Egg, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

57. Dos Amigos Mexican Restaurant, Libertyville, Illinois

58. DelSur Empanadas, Minnetonka, Minnesota

59. Omoni Fresh Fast Korean Grill, Carmel, Indiana

60. The Bruncheonette, Joplin, Missouri

Gumii, Bibimbap; Harbinger, Crispy Mandu (Korean dumplings) 

61. J’s Pitaria, Sappington, Missouri

62. El Xangarrito, Chicago, Illinois

63. Hummus and Pita, Overland Park, Kansas

64. Gumii, Naperville, Illinois

65. Baba’s Pantry, Kansas City, Missouri

66. ie Italian Eatery, Minneapolis, Minnesota

67. Big Ed’s BBQ, Waukegan, Illinois

68. Chimborazo, Minneapolis, Minnesota

69. Harbinger, Des Moines, Iowa

70. Loui’s Pizza, Hazel Park, Michigan

71. Pickles and Bones Barbecue, Milford, Ohio

72. Author’s Kitchen + Bar, Appleton, Wisconsin

73. Haru Sushi Izakaya, Fort Wayne, Indiana

74. Saddle Creek Breakfast Club, Omaha, Nebraska

75. Marble Room Steaks and Raw Bar, Cleveland, Ohio

76. Bay Boy Specialty Sandwiches, Kansas City, Missouri

77. Q39 Midtown, Kansas City, Missouri

78. Cruizzers, Keystone, South Dakota

79. Real Food Cafe, Grand Rapids, Michigan

80. Bongiorno’s Italian Deli & Pizzeria, Chicago, Illinois

Dime Store, Santa Fe Omelette; Selden Standard, Baked Squash

81. Grünauer, Kansas City, Missouri

82. Community Tavern, Chicago, Illinois

83. Ramen Belly, Iowa City, Iowa

84. Selden Standard, Detroit, Michigan

85. Ling’s Asian Cuisine, Omaha, Nebraska

86. Agapé Mediterranean, Westerville, Ohio

87. Old Germantown, Germantown, Wisconsin

88. Cedar Palace, Chicago, Illinois

89. Bravis, Shakopee, Minnesota

90. Josiah’s Coffeehouse and Cafe, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

91. Kin by Rice n Roll, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

92. Dime Store, Detroit, Michigan

93. Fireflour Pizza + Coffee Bar, Bismarck, North Dakota

94. The Butcher’s Tale, Minneapolis, Minnesota

95. St Paul Fish Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

96. KCM, Grand Rapids, Michigan

97. Simon’s, Des Moines, Iowa

98. Butcher’s Union, Grand Rapids, Michigan

99. harriet & oak, Rapid City, South Dakota

100. Young Joni, Minneapolis, Minnesota


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