The Urban Expo Back to School Community Empowerment Festival at America’s Center

Join us at the Urban Expo Back to School Community Empowerment Festival at America’s Center in St. Louis!

A Celebration of Education and Opportunity!

Mark your calendars for August 4th and 5th, 2023, as the highly anticipated Urban Expo Back to School Community Empowerment Festival takes center stage at America’s Center in St. Louis. Organized jointly by St. Louis Public Schools and the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis, Inc., this festival aims to empower and uplift students, families, and clients from low-income and underserved communities by providing them with exposure to outstanding resources that educate and inspire.

With the guidance of the new incoming Superintendent, Dr. Keisha Scarlett, St. Louis Public Schools is gearing up to offer an array of valuable resources and information for families seeking to maximize their educational experience within the district. The festival will serve as a platform to showcase the very best resources the region has to offer, catering specifically to those who may face financial barriers and need additional support.

A highlight of the festival is the provision of free resources to attendees. Families will have access to complimentary backpacks filled with school supplies, ensuring that students are well-equipped to start the new academic year on the right foot. Moreover, free back-to-school physicals, haircuts, and manicures will be available to ensure students’ overall well-being and confidence as they step back into the classroom.

The festival’s commitment to empowering the community goes beyond education-related resources. It also features a Hiring Fair, providing job seekers with an exceptional opportunity to secure gainful employment on the spot. This initiative underscores the Urban Expo’s dedication to fostering economic growth and prosperity within the community, recognizing that job stability and financial security play a crucial role in supporting families and students in their educational pursuits.

The best part? Admission to the Urban Expo Back to School Community Empowerment Festival is entirely free, making it accessible to everyone in the community. By removing financial barriers to entry, the festival ensures that all attendees have an equal opportunity to benefit from the wealth of resources and opportunities available.

The event’s fusion of education, empowerment, and celebration of community spirit promises a dynamic and enriching experience for all. The Urban Expo Back to School Community Empowerment Festival serves as a testament to the power of collaboration between educational institutions and community organizations to uplift and support those in need.

So, mark your calendars, invite your friends and family, and head down to America’s Center on August 4th and 5th, 2023. Be part of this remarkable event that aims to transform lives, nurture dreams, and create a brighter future for the St. Louis community. Together, we can make a difference and build a more empowered and inclusive society for al


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