Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour – A Visual Extravaganza at The Dome in St. Louis

Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour is a visual and sonic extravaganza. Read a first-hand account of the live show experience from two diehard Beyhive members.


Beyoncé….My Virgo Sis! Baaaby!!!! I Stand for life! You are the visuals, period! The show was EPIC from start to finish and she left no crumbs on the DOME at America’s Center floor. 


As a diehard Beyhive member, I have been to 9 Beyoncé concerts since 2004, so I know what to expect from her shows. In addition, I also know her fashion stylists, hair stylists, makeup artists, band members, background singers, choreographers and dancers by name. 

The highlights for me(Raqelle)

The opening set of ballads (Beyoncé said I am the beginning, the middle and the end. Hence she needed no opening act.). Her voice is amazing, her runs are flawless, and yes she is opera trained….so yeah she can definitely sing!


The highlight for me (Lydia) as with Raqelle was most definitely the opening ballads.  As a vocalist it is refreshing to see and hear vocal perfection through live singing, and an artist who is not lip syncing with their track.  As Raqelle stated her runs were flawless and complete. She left it all on that stage and I appreciate it. 


The visuals, lighting and staging were spectacular! They made me happy! the amount of thought it took to pull off her vision city after city is nothing short of amazing! 


The Mute Challenge…epic fail!!!; Love On Top Challenge…STL won.

Blue Ivy Carter… Is growing up so beautifully before our eyes and she’s doing an amazing job with choreography on her Mom’s tour. Shoutout to Beyoncé’s lead dancer, Amari Marshall for taking such good care of Blue while she’s on tour. Amari is doing it for the THIQUE ladies!


Act 1 – The Renaissance Album…the masterpiece that’s a little over a year old and still going strong. I loved the transitions between new songs from the album and old songs. Can I say Flaws And All mixed with Dynasty’s Adventures In The Land of Music was brilliant! You may also remember that hip hop duo, Camp Lo sampled the beat for their hit, Luchini AKA This Is It”.

Bravo to Beyoncé for highlighting the LGBTQIA+ community and the Ballroom culture through the entire Renaissance album. All the dancers from the House of Balenciaga are dope.


And it was good to see the veterans that have been with Beyoncé for years like Les Twins, The Mamas background vocalist, Tiffany Ryan,  and trumpet player, Crystal Torres, who was pregnant and jammin.

The couture costumes were gorgeous and her makeup was flawless! (More on the designers later.) However,The Beehive understood the assignment, so much so there wasn’t a silver cowboy hat to be found leading up to BeyDay. 

Moreover, Beyoncé is definitely the greatest all around vocalist/entertainer of this generation period! She provided almost three hours of pure entertainment which made the crowd, the traffic and the price worthwhile. 

Until Act II music is released in the future, we will cherish all that is the Renaissance World Tour.


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