Devon Alexander: A Champion Fighting for Change in His Hometown of St. Louis

In touch with three-time world boxing champion, Devon Alexander, and his inspiring journey from poverty in Hyde Park to using his success to give back to his community in St. Louis.

Devon Alexander, a three-time world boxing champion hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, has a remarkable story of triumph over adversity. With over 36 professional fights under his belt, Alexander’s journey is nothing short of inspirational. Because growing up in the challenging neighborhood of Hyde Park, where poverty and addiction were constant companions, Devon Alexander had a front-row seat to the hardships that many youth face in underserved communities.  

However, Alexander is not content with just his personal success in the boxing world. He has embarked on a mission to give back to his hometown and make a difference in the lives of the next generation. His latest endeavor, “The Devon Alexander International Classic – Fight in the Ring Not in the Neighborhood,” is proof of his commitment to creating change. On November 4, 2023, Harris Stowe State University, played host to this amateur boxing event aimed at keeping young people occupied and away from the dangers of the streets. The initiative, which is set to become a seasonal event, brings together amateur boxers from across the Midwest to compete against the best St. Louis has to offer.  In collaboration with the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis and Harris Stowe State University, Devon Alexander seeks to provide structure and support for the youth in his community

Devon Alexander

Moreover, he recognizes the importance of stable households and nurturing environments for young people, emphasizing that these factors play a crucial role in preventing gun violence and crime among the youth. Beyond the boxing ring, Devon Alexander is also working on establishing a gym in the St. Louis’s North County area. In addition, this facility is envisioned as a safe haven where children can enjoy themselves, learn valuable life lessons, and find support. 

When asked about his legacy, Alexander’s response is as powerful as his punches. He wants the world to remember him as a fighter who not only achieved greatness in the ring but also as a man who changed the lives of countless children for the better. Last, his devotion to uplifting his community and providing opportunities for the next generation reflects the heart of a true champion, both inside and outside the boxing arena.

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