Dr. Fredrick L. Echols of St. Louis selected for New Obama Foundation Leaders USA Program

The inaugural cohort of United States “Obama Leaders” is composed of values-driven changemakers from every corner of the country.


President Obama Announces Inaugural Cohort of 100 Changemakers for Obama Foundation Leaders USA Program 

The Leaders USA program offers participants a unique and comprehensive experience, including a values-driven leadership curriculum, action labs focused on strengthening democratic institutions and culture in the U.S., community groups for fostering constructive dialogue in a polarized environment, and one-on-one support to help tackle some of the most pressing issues of our time. Throughout the program, participants will have the opportunity to engage with President Obama, leadership coaches, subject matter experts, and each other to deepen their leadership practice.

The inaugural cohort of United States “Obama Leaders” is composed of values-driven changemakers from every corner of the country. Hailing from over 40 states, territories, and tribal nations, including St. Louis,  these Leaders are united by their passion for building a stronger, more sustainable, and more inclusive world.

Fredrick L. Echols 


Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Population Health and Social Justice Consulting

Fredrick L. Echols, M.D., is the founder and chief executive officer of Population Health and Social Justice Consulting, LLC. (PHSJC), a business that helps government and non-government organizations address the political and social root causes of inequities by using evidence-informed public health strategies. Fredrick provides strategic direction and leadership to advance and facilitate system-level change necessary to improve health outcomes. Fredrick is passionate about health and social justice.

Attributable Quote:

“I am a determined individual of African descent who pursued academic excellence, graduating from both a Historically Black University (Clark Atlanta University, Class of 2003) and Boston University School of Medicine,” said Dr. Fredrick Echols. “After serving in the military, I have devoted myself to building a successful career in public health as a physician. I deeply admire the Obama Foundation and the lasting impact of former President Obama’s legacy. My focus is on encouraging and inspiring emerging leaders who embody the values of a just democracy and work towards realizing their full potential. My life’s work is dedicated to improving population-level outcomes through effective collaboration and partnership across the public and private sectors, dismantling the barriers that contribute to inequities and disparities. Being part of the Obama Foundation’s inaugural USA Leaders cohort is an immense privilege, and I am determined to serve as a positive role model for young people globally, especially those from marginalized communities. My ultimate goal is to push for progress and make significant strides towards a more seamless path to a better democracy and public health ecosystem for future generations.


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