Father Dempsey’s Charities: Transforming Lives in St. Louis

Father Dempsey’s Charities is a non-profit organization providing transitional housing, nourishment, employment, medical treatment, and more to men in need across St. Louis.

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A non-profit organization is doing its part to create change in St. Louis—”Father Dempsey’s Charities.” Since its inception in 1906, this non-profit organization has been committed to transforming the lives of men facing homelessness, offering them a chance at a fresh start and a brighter future.  

At the core of Father Dempsey’s Charities’ mission, is the belief in upholding the dignity of every human being. This guiding principle has fueled their tireless efforts to provide transitional housing and comprehensive support to those in need. In addition, today, the organization continues to make a profound impact on the lives of up to 78 residents at a time.  

One of the primary services offered by Father Dempsey’s Charities is transitional housing.They provide affordable room and board, offering a stable and nurturing environment to men undergoing personal transitions. Residents are not just provided a place to stay; they are welcomed into a community that cares deeply about their well-being.  

Furthermore, security and hospitality are paramount at Father Dempsey’s Charities. The facility’s front desk is staffed 24 hours a day, ensuring both safety and a warm welcome for residents. Each individual has their own room and access to the home’s chapel, a place for reflection and solace.

 But Father Dempsey’s Charities goes beyond providing shelter. They are dedicated to addressing the needs of their residents. The organization assists with daily nourishment, employment opportunities, medical treatment, and access to government benefits, particularly those available to veterans, seniors, and individuals with disabilities. The average length of stay is two years, reflecting their commitment to offering sustained support and guidance.  

Another commendable aspect of Father Dempsey’s Charities, is their daily dinner operation, which aims to alleviate hunger among the impoverished in the community. This commitment to feeding the hungry demonstrates their dedication to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, echoing the values of compassion and service.  

Moreover, Father Dempsey’s Charities stands as a testament to the enduring power of kindness, faith, and community. For over a century, they have been a steadfast source of hope for men in need, embodying their mission to be witnesses to the Gospel while maintaining the dignity of every individual they serve.  Last, in a world often marked by uncertainty, Father Dempsey’s Charities shines as great stability, compassion, and transformation for those who have found themselves without a home.

Father Dempsey’s Charities

Address: 3427 Washington Ave, St. Louis, MO 63103

Phone(314) 535-7221


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