NAACP STL event: Micro-license Educational Event coming next month in St. Louis

On November the 8th Amendment 3 passed legalizing recreational marijuana in Missouri.


12 micro-licenses are up for grab, will any generality favors the Missouri’s minority cannabis leaders?

We all know there will be a fight to the line of scrimmage on this one. And we also know that the minority in all of this will be just that, placed to the left of the end zone.

I sat down with St. Louis city NAACP-Chapter President Adolphus Pruitt to discuss this matter. He had a few choice words and is not backing down as they prepare for an informational event (below) in the CWE.


There has been a legitimate and growing concern about the lack of minority owned licenses in the cannabis industry nationwide; and particularly in the St. Louis region.

The passage of Amendment #3 has ensured that those whom are less likely to participate in the industry have a category for entry in which  they only have to compete against themselves; micro licenses.

There are a minimum of 12 micro licenses up for grabs in the St. Louis region; and 48 statewide, creating an opportunities; especially for craft growers.

It is my intention to encourage and assist in the creation of a legitimate statewide “Black Market” —- one consisting of growers, manufacturers, and dispensaries that service communities of color —- and foster a  intellectual property market that further enhances wealth building opportunities for minority owners.

Pruitt has been very vocal about cannabis every since it was finalized that we could process medical marijuana in MO. Now across the board he wants black people like me to be part of the process gaining the 12 micro licenses.

In my eyes this will most definitely be a harrowing task, considering the city of St. Louis and it state of affairs.


Thu, December 1, 2022, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM CST

Bait 4239 Lindell Boulevard St. Louis, MO 63108

Intersections @ Bait will host a educational program including A presentation on the opportunity and application process, and share with you some ancillary business opportunities created by the passage of Amendment 3.

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