Non-profit-Mission: St. Louis to get toys in the hands of those in need for Christmas

Even as Mission: St. Louis has grown, we have continued our desire to address systemic poverty + its deep rooted issues.

Mission: St. Louis

During the holiday season, Mission: St. Louis is striving to get a lot of toys to those in need. They took to Twitter to talk about 12 Days of Affordable Christmas.

12 Days of Affordable Christmas:

We need your help to fill our store with 1,000 more toys to make Christmas brighter for 450 families. You can still give by visiting or by participating in 12 Days of Affordable Christmas.

They believe in a multi-generational approach that empowers individuals, families and communities for social and economic growth through relationship and opportunity. Here is more on the mission, and feel free to click links below to learn furtherly, and to donate.


We empower individuals for social and economic growth through relationship and opportunity. With relationship in hand, we have made a strategic set of programs available to the people we serve. These programs work together to address critical stages in the cycle of poverty, like high school graduation + recidivism. We walk alongside people as they work their way through our programs, empowering entire families to break the cycle of poverty.   


Beyond School, Beyond Jobs + Beyond Charity work in tandem to fight poverty across a lifetime.

Beyond SchoolWith a high school degree + the skills to be successful in college, a person’s likelihood of finding stable employment skyrockets.We work with under-resourced 3rd-8th graders to ensure they get back on track to graduate high school. Beyond School is an expanded learning opportunity that takes place outside of school hours. On average, students progress 2-3 months in reading, science + math for every month they are in our program.
Beyond Jobs & EACH1Stable employment has the power to transform lives as well as entire families.We take job training a step further by empowering people to become job-ready while providing holistic support. Our EachOne program equips people with job + leadership training, a community of support + employment + wrap around services to break the cycle of poverty.
Beyond CharityPoverty doesn’t just affect people, it impacts entire communities.Beyond Charity is responsive to the current needs of the community. To keep matriarchs + patriarchs in our communities, we provide case management + home repair. We also provide tax prep assistance + through Affordable Christmas.



Since the beginning, our vision has not changed.  Even as Mission: St. Louis has grown, we have continued our desire to address systemic poverty + its deep rooted issues.  Over the last fifteen years we have developed into maturity as an organization + have figured out what we do well. We help individuals use their power and influence to break the cycles of poverty.

Education is key in breaking the cycle of poverty. It is a crucial component to laying a foundation for healthy families, communities + our city. Although our role in education has evolved, it has become clear to us that ultimate success is achieved when Beyond School is fully integrated within local schools.  We work hand in hand with schools to identify students that are falling behind or in need of additional resources.  Once we have identified those students we begin crafting an individualized plan for each student + work hard to make sure they achieve grade level by the time they start high school. We care deeply about the education of each child + look to integrate our models into other schools around our city.

Read more about the great Non-profit in our city. And feel free to make a donation to help the cause.


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