Plaza Motors and HBCU Change Partner with Senator Karla May on Historic Investment in Missouri’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Senator Karla May and Plaza Motors have joined forces to support two of Missouri’s HBCUs, Lincoln University and Harris-Stowe State University. The funds donated will be used to provide scholarships, infrastructure improvements, and other initiatives.

ST. LOUIS — Senator Karla May, representing Missouri’s 4th Senatorial District, reinforces her unwavering commitment to advancing education and strengthening communities. She proudly partners with Rufus Montgomery, President of HBCU Change and Plaza Motors in their generous donation of $40,000 to support Lincoln University of Missouri and Harris-Stowe State University. This significant contribution underscores the pivotal role that Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) play in shaping the future of our society.
This collaborative effort between Senator Karla May, Plaza Motors, and HBCU Change highlights a shared dedication to promoting educational excellence and empowering students within Missouri’s HBCUs. Lincoln University and Harris-Stowe State University, esteemed pillars of academic achievement in Missouri, will directly benefit from this financial support, enhancing educational opportunities and reinforcing their community standing.
Senator Karla May, a steadfast advocate for HBCUs, recognizes the historical significance of these institutions in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in higher education. Her enduring support for Lincoln University and Harris-Stowe State University reflects a commitment to fostering a robust educational landscape that uplifts all members of our community.
Event Details:

What: Missouri HBCU Donation Presentation

When: October 12, 2023, at 11 AM

Where: Audi Creve Coeur, 11830 Olive Blvd, Creve Coeur, MO 63141

Presenting: Senator Karla May, Rufus Montgomery, and Plaza Motors
The $40,000 donation underscores Plaza Motors’ dedication to investing in Missouri’s future, recognizing the invaluable contribution HBCUs make by educating and shaping the next generation of leaders. Plaza Motors, in partnership with HBCU Change, continues to support HBCUs with the help of guests by allowing them to round up to the next dollar amount in any Plaza Tire Automotive service center.

Managing Market Director of Plaza Motors, Malcolm Gage believes “supporting HBCUs within our local communities and across the country help provide the much-needed funding and resources that these great institutions deserve. Plaza Motors is proud to partner with HBCU Change in their mission to advance education opportunities for the next generation.”
The funds donated will support scholarships, infrastructure improvements, and other initiatives directly impacting the educational experience at Lincoln University and Harris-Stowe State University. Senator Karla May and Plaza Motors extend an invitation to other community leaders and businesses to join them in supporting HBCUs, fostering an environment where education is accessible to all 
Senator Karla May emphasizes, “Education is the cornerstone of progress, and our HBCUs play a crucial role in shaping the leaders of tomorrow. This collaboration with Plaza Motors is a testament to our shared belief in the transformative power of education and our commitment to investing in the future of Missouri.”
Closing her statement, Sen. May voiced, “Missouri has a proud legacy of dedication and hard work. Together, let’s pave the way towards a unified, prosperous and secure future.”
A devoted advocate for workers’ rights and family welfare in Missouri, Sen. May’s career is built upon the ideals of fairness, equity and prosperity for all in the Show-Me State.
For more information on Sen. May’s legislation, visit her official Missouri Senate website at


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