The Power of Hope and Healing: Taren Walton’s Mission to Help Hurting Hearts

Meet Taren Walton, a survivor turned advocate who is changing lives through her non-profit organization, Helping Hurting Hearts Ministries.

Taren Walton

In a world often marred by pain and suffering, there are individuals like Taren Walton who emerge as a powerful force of hope and healing. Taren is the driving force behind “Helping Hurting Hearts Ministries,” a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that offers vital support to women and children who have been deeply affected by sexual assault and traumatic events. Although founded in 2007, the organization has been heavily actively transforming lives for the past seven years, providing a lifeline for survivors looking to shift from merely surviving to truly thriving.  Taren’s personal journey has played a pivotal role in her dedication to this cause. Having experienced domestic violence and abuse during her teenage years, she intimately understands the profound pain that survivors endure. Her own experiences have inspired her to become a fierce advocate for those who have suffered similarly.  

Helping Hurting Hearts Ministries of St. Louis, offers a wide array of services tailored to the unique needs of survivors. These services include suicide prevention and depression support, trauma-informed care for women and families, support for sexual assault survivors, assistance for victims of domestic, dating, and intimate partner violence, and specialized support for those affected by human trafficking.  One of the organization’s most remarkable initiatives is its commitment to giving survivors a platform to share their stories. Through events and workshops, Taren encourages women to “Become Unmuted.” This powerful phrase urges individuals to break the silence surrounding their trauma. Taren firmly believes in the healing power of life storytelling, as it not only helps survivors find their own path to recovery but also inspires others to do the same. By becoming unmuted and sharing their experiences, survivors offer hope and strength to those who may still be struggling in silence.  

Taren Walton is not just an advocate; she is a woman of faith, a wife, and a mother. Her deep compassion for those who are broken-hearted has made her a powerful voice for the voiceless, especially within the realms of sexual assault and domestic violence. Her dedication extends beyond her organization as she actively serves on the steering committee for SSM Health on informed trauma and advocates for the sexual assault and domestic violence unit with the YWCA. Taren and her team provide essential emotional support to women who have been victims of rape, offering a comforting presence in times of crisis.  

Furthermore, Helping Hurting Hearts Ministries goes the extra mile by covering the costs of counseling for survivors, with a licensed therapist on board to provide expert guidance. Taren’s passion for healing extends to the written word as well, as she is the author of the inspiring book “Damaged Children Healing Hearts to Love Again.”  In a world that often turns a blind eye to the pain of survivors, Taren Walton and Helping Hurting Hearts Ministries offers compassion, healing, and empowerment. Taren’s journey from survivor to advocate and founder is a testament to the indomitable spirit of those who strive to make a difference in the lives of others, offering a path from despair to hope, from darkness to light, and from silence to empowerment.

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