A look into the world of NFT’s with film producer and promoter Jeffrey Parham of St Louis

People who want to buy NFTs can buy up to 10 NFTS from Stardom Chance, and the first line of NFTs will be 10,000 to choose from, and the second line of NFTs will be 20,000 to choose from.

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I had the opportunity to sit down with a great friend and networking colleague to get more information on the NFT’s token and how is it beneficial to blacks and everyone. We also discussed his many other ventures and how staying focus can lead to successful timings.

Hello, Jeffrey Allen Parham, thanks for taking time out to discuss your new ventures with us.

JP: Great to be chatting with you.

Jeffrey A. Parham

Why did you decide to get into the NFT campaign?

JP: I agreed to become an ambassador for Stardom Chance Studio’s. Which is a network of a lot of opportunities to progress the independent film and television market.

The Stardom Chance NFT campaign is a great way to engage the public by giving them the opportunity to invest in Stardom Chance line of NFTs. I’m really intrigued that 10% of the proceeds will be donated to “Center for the Urban Child” Pediatric clinic in Philadelphia, PA.

 How many people are involved so far?

 JP: There is around 40 people who are involved.

 Who is the leader and how did you meet him?

JP: Me and Jeff Vanderpool crossed paths a while back and shared some common ideas. We decided it was a great opportunity to join forces

 I know you have other things going on; podcast, films, producing and driving trucks. How do you juggle having such a busy schedule?

JP: Well, my schedule does get hectic it’s never a free moment because truck driving takes up 10 to 12 hours of my day. Because I’m only off one day during the week and one day on the weekend.

As well as film/edit, and structure content on GIAJ Global Media OTT Network. It’s a passion for me so it’s not hard work. It’s how I release stress and get away from the society bustles.

With the NFT, how do you think blacks can benefit?

JP: The NFTs is for anyone who is willing to invest in owning a Non-fungible Token. In addition, the benefits are that the NFT gains more value over time. Yet you are able to sell it to interested buyers or let it gain more value.

It’s basically the first of its kind the original not the duplication which give its value. So, people can purchase a Stardom Chance NFT and others can discover it on the Stardom Chance NFT website and purchase it.

Is there a lot of money involved with investing?

JP: People who want to buy NFTs can buy up to 10 NFTS from Stardom Chance, and the first line of NFTs will be 10,000 to choose from, and the second line of NFTs will be 20,000 to choose from. For example, if you spend $250 on an NFT it’s possible that you can gain $500 dollars back return on investment or let it sit and gain value.

When is the next online meeting?

 JP: There’s not an online meeting but the NFTs will launch around June 20th, 2022. But everyone can get involve and interact with us by signing up for the Stardom Chance Community at www.stardomchance.com.

There they can be updated and ask any questions, and on the final website launch those who are interested can sign up to be an affiliate while becoming involved with the Stardom Chance mission.

Do you see yourself giving up your prolific career and live off NFT’s?

JP: Well, the NFTs is just a part of the prolific career as Stardom Chance is not just NFTs it’s going to be a one stop shop film industry empire. The first film is already in agreement to be filmed in the UK by Posterity Production owner Johnathan Willis with the budget of $500,000.

 How does cryptocurrency work in your opinion?

JP: Cryptocurrency is the wave of the future it’s a very secure way to make money and investments.

 Is NFT the new financial wealth?

JP: Yes, I look at NFTs as an online gallery. For instance, if it’s artwork NFT, then it’s like going to an art gallery and purchasing your favorite painting created by the original artist. Moreover, displaying it and someone wants to offer you more for the painting and you decide to sell it to the highest bidder.

It’s just a virtual way of learning and discovering original items online. So that mean you have a vast array of items to choose from on a larger global market.

Thanks for your input, I am sure my readers want to get as much information as possible. Do you have any links and contacts to share?       


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