Award-Winning Community Leader Linda Robinson is Passionate about Community Engagement and Mental illness

Linda distributes her time giving back to the community and volunteering.

St. Louis American Newspaper

Group facilitator for NAMI STL, Linda Robinson supports family members and individuals living with mental illness. Her goal for the group is to talk about mental illness and try to help people cope with it. 

She also provides resources if needed. NAMI stands for National Alliance on Mental Illness, which is a national organization with chapters all across the U.S.  Linda Robinson is no stranger to pain and heartache. 

Her life changed in 2019 after she lost her brother Mark Robinson to death by suicide. He suffered from depression, anxiety and panic attacks. 

While attending a GriefShare group and seeing a therapist, Linda started piecing her life back together. She became a voice for mental health and mental illness and an advocate for suicide prevention.

Linda distributes her time giving back to the community and volunteering. Linda has been serving the community for over 20 years assisting with nonprofits, fundraising, event planning, and writing procedures and policy for nonprofit volunteers. 

Robinson’s heroic efforts don’t stop there. Linda is the President of the African American Association Chapter at Webster University and has recently been elected as the VP of the Alumni Chapter at Webster University. Linda is a member of the St. Louis County NAACP, and Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis GUILD, and she is on the Board for Hatz 4 Hearts Foundation.  

Linda loves bringing joy to others and her mission is to bring awareness and educate the community on the importance of mental health and mental illness, especially in the black community. Linda wants to erase the stigma that the black community doesn’t seek the help needed to heal their trauma. Linda has been honored with multiple awards including the Shear Elegance A Royal Affair Award, Women Who Inspire Award, and Outstanding Leadership Award.

As Linda Robinson continues to flourish and change lives, she leaves us with these words “I’m a woman whose trials and tribulations made her realize who she truly is and to whom she belongs too.  I’m a woman who no longer cares what others think of me and someone who lives life for oneself with no explanation.”


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