Empowering Communities Through Education and Mediation – Conflict Resolution Center of St. Louis

The Conflict Resolution Center of St. Louis (CRCSTL) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals and organizations peacefully resolve conflicts and arrive at successful resolutions.


Empowering communities through education and mediation, is what we need in St. Louis and the state. This is the goal of non-profit Conflict Resolution Center of St. Louis.

Also known as CRCSTL, it is a community mediation organization, dedicated to helping individuals and organizations, have meaningful conversations to arrive at peaceful solutions. CRCSTL exists to provide professional dispute resolution services that are accessible to all and to be a leader in promoting peaceful, lasting, and effective solutions to conflict.

While striving to create an inclusive environment, as a result, they do not allow racist, sexist, homo/bi/transphobic, ageist, xenophobic and ableist language during mediation.


1 on 1 Conflict Coaching Mediation

Education Services

Workplace Solutions- Conflict De-Escalation Training, creating a more empathetic workplace

How the process works: Intake- Fill out a form at office, or call 314-255-7449, to get connected to a specialist. They will do a full case assessment, and if they think mediation will help, they will connect you with someone.

During the mediation, they will work with you and the others to find a mutually agreeable and lasting solution. In addition, there will always be a follow-up.

The mediator will provide you with some guidance on the next steps. There are many types of conflicts that may require mediation and conflict coaching.

It may be at home with your life partner, roommates, landlord or tenants, neighbors or even Employees of St. Louis City. Conflict Resolution Center, even handle conflicts about misconduct and miscommunication, between citizens and police.

Supported by the City of St. Louis’ Department of Human Services & Affordable Housing Commission CRCSTL 20 S. Sarah Street, St. Louis, MO 63108


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