The Delmar Loop in St. Louis, is featured as one of the Most Unique Shopping Districts To Visit When Touring The Midwest

I had to add my special sauce to this blog by Travel Noire, because I truly admire The Delmar Loop!

Wow, why am I not surprised? Because really, I have been fussing and complaining about the increase in traffic, as I myself try to grab a beer, pizza or Poke dish, during my many visits to The Delmar Loop.

In addition to traffic, The Delmar Loop has changed and is still changing in western St. Louis; with presence within the city and county borders. Moreover, there isn’t a day that goes by, that you will not find college kids, families and tourist alike walking, sight seeing, and/or driving like maniacs through The Loop-affectionately called.

As a result with more traffic, comes more people interested in what is going on. And a need for safety measures as well, yet The Loop, is dubiously a hot bed for the uniqueness in us all.

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Everyone loves a good shopping spree when heading out of town. While Los Angeles, Miami and New York may have more notoriety in fashion and shopping, there are many shopping districts throughout the Midwest with their own unique flair. 

Throughout middle America, creativity and style has thrived for decades. This creative energy culminated into diverse, artistic communities driven by shopping, art and style. Next time you’re touring the Midwest, check out some of these unique shopping districts in the middle of the map.

The Delmar Loop – St. Louis, MO

Blueberry Hill

The Delmar Loop was the place to be in St. Louis. The home of the St. Louis Walk of Fame has continued to evolve throughout the years. New elements, like the Loop Trolley, concert halls and eateries, add more creative essence.

The shopping in The Loop has always been top-notch. It is an eclectic and colorful place to visit. 


Lined with an eclectic mix of establishments, the Delmar Loop was named one of 10 Great Streets in America by the American Planning Association.

Live music electrifies the neighborhood, and we suggest timing your visit to coincide with a show. For affordable tickets, check out the lineup at the Duck Room, a legendary live music club that opened inside Blueberry Hill in 1997. Chuck Berry, the first person inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, was a good friend of owner Joe Edwards, and after Berry inaugurated the Duck Room, he played here at least once a month for more than 200 consecutive months in an unforgettable concert series.

As St. Louis continues to write its musical history, other concert venues in The Loop have solidified their spots in the St. Louis music scene. The Pageant, whose distinct design creates a unique intimacy between performer and audience, brings national tours to the area, while the underground vibe of Delmar Hall attracts audiences with varied interests.

Music-lovers can also shop for vinyl records – plus, art, gifts, tobacco and more – in The Loop. As you walk along the blocks of Delmar Boulevard, take note of the brass stars on the sidewalk. Part of the St. Louis Walk of Fame, the stars honor notable people from St. Louis and their contributions to the culture of the U.S. From Maya Angelou to Tina Turner and Jack Buck to Tennessee Williams, all the inductees were either born in the St. Louis area or spent their formative or creative years here.

Whether you’re attending an event, shopping for St. Louis souvenirs or bowling in a retro alley, carve out time to eat! The dining scene in the Delmar Loop features St. Louis-style barbecue, trendy tacos, pressure-fried chicken sandwiches, comfort food, famous root beer and more. It also offers a veritable trip around the world, with cuisines ranging from Syrian to Thai and Greek to Korean.

As the sun sets, neon signs light up the district. Which one is your favorite? (Note: In 2015, the Peacock Loop Diner’s 11-foot-wide, 1,800-pound, animated neon sign won the Signs of the Times International Sign Contest Readers’ Choice Award for Best Neon Sign. The sign uses 680 feet of neon tubing and 50 transformers to create an elegant peacock whose feathers fan out 200 times an hour, and you shouldn’t miss it!)

The Brick Street – Lebanon, IL

Brick Street

Founded in 1814, Lebanon is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Brick Street is a blast from the past full of antique shops, historic inns and American magic. Charles Dickens described his stay at the Mermaid Inn on Brick Street in his book “American Notes.” There’s small boutique shops to explore and small businesses selling unique trinkets travelers won’t find anywhere else. Lined with restaurants and shops, Brick Street is a fun adventure just 23 miles east of St. Louis. 

Short North Art District – Columbus, OH

Short North Art District

The Short North Art District is a thriving creative, shopping community in Columbus. The old meets the new here, and there’s a little bit of something for everyone. There are locally owned businesses, floral stores and toy stores. Aside from clothes and unique knick knacks, Short North has a plethora of home decor shops, like Karavan and Home & Her. No matter if its vintage wear or high-end brands from specialty boutiques, this shopping district offers something for all travelers. 

Anderson Shopping District – Chicago, IL

Courtesy of Thomas Bock

When Swedish immigrants moved to the United States in the 19th century, many of them settled in a north Chicago neighborhood. The area was called Andersonville and today is home to shopping, arts, crafts and more. Representing the lasting legacy of Swedish heritage in Chicago, Anderson Shopping District has shops galore. Here you’ll find everything from furniture, trendy clothes, pets, and hardware along this special street. 

Main Street Shopping District – Decorah, IA

Main Street

If you couldn’t make it to Norway, you can get a taste of the international destination by visiting Decorah. The Main Street Shopping District is a quaint spot in Iowa that blends the past and the present. You’ll find a ton of specialty shops here. Handcrafted art and sculptures can be found at Agora Arts. Travelers can buy a bike at Deborah’s Bicycle and tour the city on two wheels. There’s a toy jungle hidden in a pharmacy. There are also wineries, live entertainment, festivals and spas throughout the district. 


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