A close up talk with Victor Little of Afro-World Hair and Fashion and his life in St. Louis

Victor is an advocate for Black Health and Wellness and will discuss more business topics on his show this year. 

Victor Little

Victor Little and his family have made their mark in St. Louis since the 70s. Born in 1956 in Detroit Michigan and raised in St. Louis Mo. Acting has always been Victor’s passion.

His first acting happened in church, it was there where he would develop his skill and fearlessness from being in front of a crowd. The beauty of the applause kept him coming back for more. 

Little went on to Central State University where he studied acting and business. It was there that he received lead roles and developed his talent as an actor.

When asked how Afro World Hair and Fashion started, Victor Little stated. My dad is the founder. My father lost his hair at the early age of 35. He was in the corporate world at IBM in the 60s. 

He wanted a hair replacement to make him look more suitable in his profession. He needed a toupee and the toupees that were currently available were poorly done and the ones for white men could not be used for blacks. 

My father came up with a technique. He developed a very natural-looking toupee. The name of the company became Modern Man Hair Company. He then discovered the need women had for weaving and braiding and became the premiere hair company throughout the country and was featured in Essence and Ebony magazine. 

The company name became Afro World Hair and Fashion back then. Little’s sister Sheila Little-Forrest is now running the business.

Victor Little has a radio show titled The Victor Little Show Black Health and Wellness. Victor is an advocate for Black Health and Wellness and will discuss more business topics on his show this year. 

He strives to help people create change from within. “Life can tear you up on the outside. Take some time to discover things on the inside. Read a book, calm your mind. Do you only listen to rap music? whatever you repeat to yourself you become. What if you repeated the encyclopedia? Repeat something good and inspiring to yourself.” 

“I want us to love one another more. There was a time when love was a bigger foundation. Work on yourself. you cannot fix the world. It starts with you. if you can become a better example for people to follow. You can create change.”

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