Tapers Barber & Beauty Salon: Where Style Meets Community in St. Louis-Disc St. Louis

Discover how Tapers Barber & Beauty Salon in St. Louis offers more than just haircuts and makeovers, with their commitment to community engagement and innovative digital screens that provide informative content.

Image by Lacey G Souldier Turner

Tapers Barber & Beauty Salon, located in the heart of St. Louis, is more than just a place for haircuts and makeovers – it’s a hub of community engagement and innovation. The owner, Will, and his team at Tapers exude an air of warmth, knowledge, respect, and experience that makes customers feel right at home.  One unique feature of Tapers Barber & Beauty Salon is their role as the hosts of Go Local Digital Screens, a series of vibrant billboards that adorn the cityscapes of St. Louis and Atlanta. With 16 screens in St. Louis and an impressive 60 in Atlanta, these digital billboards are a testament to staying at the forefront of technology and community connection.  

What sets these screens apart is the valuable content they display, sourced from reputable platforms like “The Narrative Matters” and “The St. Louis Argus News.” The screens provide not only a platform for digital advertising but also serve as a source of informative information for their customers.  As Will, the owner of Tapers, noted, “My customers love looking at the screens, and they receive valuable, informative information by looking at them.” It’s a prime example of how Tapers Barber & Beauty Salon goes beyond hairstyling to create an inclusive, informed, and connected community for its patrons. 

In conclusion, Tapers Barber & Beauty Salon is more than just a salon; it’s a dynamic center of community engagement and information dissemination, making it a cornerstone of St. Louis. With its welcoming atmosphere, knowledgeable staff, and commitment to innovation, Tapers is where style truly meets community.

The indoor digital platform is called Dynasty Interactive Screen Community (DISC) designed to reach new readers and viewers in the most trafficked businesses and institutions throughout the region. The goal is to connect with African American consumers where they live, work and play.  

David Beckford, Creative Director, and founder of Dynasty Media, founded in St. Louis, is the innovator of the information delivery digital program. DISC has generated over $3.5 million in advertising revenue for its Media Partners since 2019. Beckford said technology is free to establishments to host a screen. He said the benefits are enormous.

“Screen host locations receive free promotion throughout the year,” he said. “Our media and marketing teams work to advertise the business to attract new customers, fill seats at events, and drive revenue. And to be seen and heard by thousands of prospective clients.”


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