Blessed Modelz, LLC: Youth Empowerment and Community Service in St. Louis

Discover the inspiring journey of Samaira and Samaya, two young sisters making a difference in their community with their organization, Blessed Modelz, LLC.

Blessed Models LLC

In November 2020, two remarkable young sisters, Samaira and Samaya, ages 10 and 11, embarked on an inspiring journey in St. Louis, Missouri, by founding Blessed Modelz, LLC. What sets this organization apart is the incredible depth and breadth of their commitment to empowering the local youth and promoting a sense of community.  Blessed Modelz, LLC was established with a clear mission: to equip St. Louis’s young generation with the tools they need to thrive in life. Their initiatives focus on developing self-confidence, essential social skills, and nurturing a passion for career and entrepreneurial development. In addition to these invaluable life skills, the organization actively participates in local fashion shows and events that aim to uplift and strengthen the community.  

One of the most outstanding aspects of Blessed Modelz, LLC, is their commitment to giving back. They believe in molding the future leaders of St. Louis, and instilling a strong sense of social responsibility. To this end, they engage in numerous activities that have a positive and lasting impact on their community. This includes volunteering, organizing food drives, and ensuring local children start the school year right with back-to-school drives. The holiday season is another opportunity for Blessed Modelz, LLC to shine. They take pride in adopting families during Thanksgiving and Christmas, spreading warmth and joy. In the cold winter months, they collect blankets for the homeless and provide essential support for those in need.  

Their outreach extends to a wide array of activities, such as community cleanup efforts and visiting children in hospitals. Blessed Modelz, LLC goes the extra mile by visiting local nursing homes, where they put on heartfelt praise dances to show love and appreciation for the elderly residents. They even pay it forward by covering the groceries of elders in local stores.  However, their efforts don’t stop there. Blessed Modelz, LLC places a strong emphasis on safety education, bringing in local police and fire departments to teach children about safety, fire safety, and gun safety. 

They also recognize and reward outstanding students in local schools with thoughtful gifts. The organization provides makeovers to girls who have been victims of bullying and visits sick children in hospitals, bringing them gifts and much-needed cheer.  

In a world where compassion and empathy are sometimes scarce, Samaira and Samaya, the driving forces behind Blessed Modelz, LLC, are leading by example. These young entrepreneurs are a shining example of the positive change that can occur when youthful enthusiasm is coupled with a strong commitment to making the world a better place. Their dedication to community service is an inspiration, and it is certain that Blessed Modelz, LLC’s impact will continue to grow and enrich the lives of those in St. Louis.


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