Dynasty Media partners with Ladyz of Elegance Salon & Spa help spread the word a new indoor, interactive digital screen network

Ladyz of Elegance Salon & Spa is leveraging the Dynasty Interactive Screen Community (DISC) to reach a younger customer base with its signature tree braid hair style. Learn more about how DISC is helping this local salon reach its marketing

Showing off the DISC video screen are SoJohna Bell, seated, and left: Center Staffers Milli Jackson, Marnae’ Underwood, Lafeda Bell and Aujah Griffin

As mostly women client enter the Ladyz of Elegance Salon & Spa, dancing images on a large
digital video screen catches the eyes.

On any given day, visitors to salon will be greeted with community news, advertisements, and
other information that in many cases comes with a QR Code for an interactive experience.
The indoor digital video platform is called Dynasty Interactive Screen Community (DISC), and is
designed to reach St. Louisans where they live, work, play, dine, chill out, and in this case, get a
fashionable and trendy new hairdo.

“Oh wow, look at that, one of the advertisements about us,” says Sojohna Bell, managing owner
of Ladyz of Elegance, 9589 Page Avenue in Overland. “We love it. Our ad has come up two or
three times.”

Ladyz of Elegance is just one of a growing list of restaurants, event centers, nonprofit agencies,
small businesses, and others taking advantage of indoor digital platform being launched in the
St. Louis area.

Bell says the non-intrusive, video messaging system is a perfect marketing tool for her business,
as she endeavors to introduce the salon’s signature tree braid hair style to a younger client.
“Tree braids are growing in popularity and the younger generation is getting wind of it and are
seeing the benefits of the hair style,” says Bell, whose marketing objective is to reach the under
30 age demographics. “The indoor video allows us to reach a younger crowd and diversify who
is coming to see us.”

While the salon, Ladyz of Elegance was providing a professional service, they were depending
on other businesses for their product needs. Like countless beauty professionals, Ladyz of
Elegance was providing all of the service, with none of the control. Bell developed a solution,
Ryze Manufacturing, a business that combined service with supply. She began offering private
label and consulting services to beauty professionals in her communities. Using the 15 year
foundation she built with Ladyz of Elegance to make it easier for beauty entrepreneurs to curate
their own customized offerings with low start up costs and empowering them to take control of
their businesses.

SoJohna Bell with Call Center Staffer Aujah Griffin

Not only does Ladyz of Elegance / Ryze manufacturing have a video screen in its lobby, but
upstairs is a “call center” where staffers reach out to a list of prospects, making telephone
pitches on the value of hosting a video screen, and becoming advertisers on the system.

The partnership grew out of a prior business connection with David Beckford, Founder and
Creative Director of Dynasty Media, the innovator of the information delivery digital program.
Beckford had developed a website for the business a few years back.
Bell says Beckford recently talked with her about DISC and she was intrigued. At first, she says,
all she wanted was to advertise her salon and product manufacturing company. As it goes with
her entrepreneurial spirit and background in managing call centers, a DISC call center made
perfect business sense.

“As we talked about the concept of DISC, I just loved it. We’re right here sitting at the beginning
of something explosive,” she explains. “Once I saw St. Louis as a wide-open market, I said,
‘David let’s do a call center to get the word out.’ We formed a partnership with the digital
indoor screen network.

The success of DISC in its infancy is encouraging. The video platform has generated over $2.5
million in advertising revenue since 2019, Beckford says, adding that the technology is free to
establishments to host a screen. He said the benefits are enormous.

“Screen host locations receive free promotion throughout the year,” he said. “Our media and
marketing teams work to advertise the business to attract new customers, fill seats at events,
and drive revenue. And to be seen and heard by thousands of prospective clients.”
This new technology on video screens is taking hold in the St. Louis area. To date, there are
sixteen locations in the St. Louis metro with the goal of a least twenty, Beckford says. According
to market data, there are 367,000 “pair of eyes and ears” in the radius of the screens, reaching
160,000 people in a collective frequency.

Call Center panoramic view

Other locations where the DISC system is up and running:

  • Heartland St. Louis Black Chamber of Commerce
  • Krab Kingz
  • Omega Center
  • Riverview West Florissant Development Corporation
  • Tapers Barber and Beauty
  • Tripe City
  • Two of a Kind Bar & Grill
  • Your Place Diner
  • In Da Loop Restaurant
  • Gwen’s Restaurant
  • Ladies of Elegance Salon & Spa/Ryze Manufacturing 
  • NAACP County Branch
  • NAACP St. Louis County
  • Better Family LifeInc.

Click on DISC to see at video clip for the St. Louis Market


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